Zahra and the Turtles Bike for Rescue Animals

On May 7, Christine and Brad will be biking in the 2017 TD Five Boro Bike Tour as members of Team ASPCA, a national program that raises awareness and much needed funding to support the ASPCA’s live-saving programs. 

We will ride in honor of our rescue animals: ZahraMike and Eleven. By sharing our story, we hope to help individuals recognize the benefits of adding a rescue to your family.

Zahra came home with us on November 5th, 2016 as a foster, but was officially adopted just five days later. Originally from Tennessee, relocating to East Harlem has been quite an adjustment for this curious pup. Over the past few months, we have watched her transform from a shy, nervous canine into an adventurous, affectionate member of our family. Though she still has some anxiety when faced with new people or loud noises, she grows more courageous each day. Her striking blue eyes have earned her a spiritual reputation around our neighborhood.

Mike and Eleven, named after the Stranger Things duo, are a pair of red-eared sliders that joined our family in August 2016.  While searching for some furniture in the free section of craigslist, Christine happened upon an ad titled “Baby Turtles Looking for Home.” That same night, we biked home through a thunderstorm with the turtles secured in our backpacks.  The pair has tripled in size since then, and continues to keep us wondering how big of a tank we’ll need to squeeze into our apartment.

Each of these animals has brought immeasurable joy into our lives, and we couldn’t imagine living without them.  The ASPCA provides life-saving programs and services to millions of animals-in-need nationwide. Please consider donating to make a positive impact in the lives of animals, and the individuals and families that adopt them. Thank you, and remember - #AdoptDontShop!


About the ASPCA: Fighting for animals is a 24/7 job, but your commitment makes it possible for our life-saving programs to create happy endings for those innocent lives touched by cruelty. Every single day of the year, we are rescuing animals from neglect and suffering. With your support, we are able to rescue animals from cruelty, work to end animal homelessness and provide medical care for countless pets in need. Please help us save even more animals and donate to this Team ASPCA campaign today. Interested in joining the team? Learn More »

Personal campaign progress

$ 880.00 raised to date
Personal Fundraising Goal
$ 1,600.00

Recent Donors

Name Amount
Ben Navarro $25.00
Andrew $100.00
Grover and Camden $25.00
sister $20.00
Danielle and Stephen Moro $50.00


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Campaign Donors:

  • Ben Navarro

    $ 25.0004 / 6 / 2017

    Good Luck and God Bless your growing family!

  • Grover and Camden

    $ 25.0003 / 30 / 2017

    We love you guys!

  • Danielle and Stephen Moro

    $ 50.0003 / 26 / 2017

    Our maggie mae is a rescue... she is the best thing to ever happen to us! Have fun!

  • Abby & Nicole

    $ 50.0003 / 22 / 2017

    Happy birthday and happy ride!

  • Preston Reynolds

    $ 25.0003 / 16 / 2017

    ZZ POO!!!!

  • Susie Sofranko

    $ 25.0003 / 2 / 2017

    Can't wait to ride with you guys on behalf of Joey, George, Zahra, and my favorite little turtles...

  • Juliana Cobb

    $ 25.0003 / 1 / 2017

    Go Brad Go!!

  • Rach, Al, Bruce, and Ben

    $ 50.0003 / 1 / 2017

    Bruce sends his love to Zahra.

  • Claire Coveney

    $ 35.0002 / 21 / 2017

    Good luck Christine and Brad! So proud to see you guys "going the extra mile" for the A! #commitment :)

  • Kelly Christoff

    $ 25.0002 / 20 / 2017

    Way to go Brad & Christine!! (And Zahra, Mike & Eleven) Love you guys!

  • Dan and Nicole

    $ 25.0002 / 20 / 2017

    Save the animals!

  • Mom

    $ 25.0002 / 20 / 2017

    I'm proud of you my best and brightest!

  • Anonymous

    $ 100.0002 / 19 / 2017


  • Patrick Kitson

    $ 100.0002 / 19 / 2017

    For Zara, Mike, and Eleven