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40 Cause and Effect Essay Topics for Students

Cause and effect essay help to analyze the relationship between two different subjects. It is somehow challenging for the students to figure out the interconnectedness between two particular things or events. 

Therefore, they prefer to take professional help from companies offering “write my essay for me” facilities.

These services help you choose an interesting topic for your essay. However, we have also provided a list of some topics in this article for you to choose from.

1.       Causes of eating disorders among youngsters

2.       Difficulties you face while growing up with a single parent

3.       Why most actors suffer from stress and depression?

4.       Witnessing your parents going through a divorce can affect your views on marriage

5.       How technology is responsible for creating a communication gap?

6.       How consuming alcohol and drugs can affect your nervous system?

7.       What are the effects of pollution on the ozone layer?

8.       What are the positive effects of music on the human body?

9.       What are the major causes and effects of the Cold War?

10.   How stress impacts our mental and physical health?

11.   What are the causes of the increasing rate of divorces?

12.   Effects of WWII

13.   How traveling affects your personality?

14.   How video games can boost IQ?

15.   How poor quality of water is affecting the healthcare industry?

16.   What are the causes of obesity among teenagers?

17.   Adverse effects of living in poverty

18.   Positive effects of homework on a student’s life

19.   Pros and cons of wearing school uniform

20.   Effects of bullying on mental health

21.   Threats of food insecurity

22.   Psychological impacts of racism

23.   Advantages and disadvantages of sexual education

24.   How exercise can boost productivity and brainpower

25.   Good sense of humor affects personal relations positively

26.   Hormonal changes can cause mood swings

27.   Financial problems are one of the major reasons for the breakup

28.   Diabetes and high blood pressure can cause a heart attack

29.   Living with Emotional Support Animals can improve the owner’s mental health

30.   Overpopulation is the main cause of hunger in poor regions

31.   What the causes of the Arab Spring?

32.   Effects of global warming on agriculture

33.   Bank failures are the causes of the Great Depression

34.   French Revolution is caused due to social inequality

35.   Quitting smoking can help to avoid long-term health risks

36.   Babies born to smoking mothers are more likely to experience birth defects

37.   Children can develop social skills by playing team sports

38.   What are the effects of playing Candy Crush?

39.   Smoking is one of the causes of lung cancer

40.   Studying abroad can cause students to learn new languages

41.   What are the negative effects of sleep deprivation?

42.   What are the effects of bankruptcy?

43.   What are the effects of being a part of abusive relationships?

44.   How abortion can affect a woman’s reproductive system?

45.   What are the positive effects of high parent involvement?

After deciding the topic, the next step is to carry out the research process. It will enable you to write your order essay easily.


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