Vegetables and Fruits For Dogs

Everyone who has a dog often wonders if there are vegetables and fruits for dogs. As you can see in this article, what can dogs eat, in moderation, can not only be a food supplement, but can also play an important role in our pet's daily meals.

You have probably heard of certain vegetables and fruits for dogs that are suitable for your pet to consume. Here you will contemplate the fruits and vegetables for dogs that our faithful companions can eat.


There are several fruits for dogs that can be seen in the animal's diet. The apple, the mandarin, the banana and the strawberries, among others, can participate in the different meals of the dogs. Fruits such as grapes, which are very toxic, do not enter this section.


It is one of the most beneficial fruits for the dog's body. Its nutritional properties provide vitamins and fiber to the animal. In addition, it is a fruit that is very tasty, it is a real vice for the dog! However, there is one part of the apple that should not be given to the dog: the heart. All seeds in general, and apple seeds in particular, are detrimental to the health of faithful furry companions.


The banana, in general, is a fruit that brings many benefits to all dogs that eat it. The amount of fructooligosaccharides it contains promotes the creation of healthy bacteria that protect the animal's intestine. On the other hand, we should not forget about vitamins B6 and vitamin C, which are important to avoid cardiovascular problems and strengthen the immune system, respectively.

This fruit is rich in potassium, a compound that helps to strengthen the bones of the dog, but not only that. This will also help us to compensate for intestinal problems such as diarrhea. The pathologies that have this symptom can be fought with controlled doses of banana.

However, this property of the banana can turn against the dog if we give it high doses. Dog constipation can be a reality if he ingests excess amounts of this fruit.


The pear is a highly recommended fruit in the hottest months of the year. Its high water content (80%) allows the dog to stay hydrated, while the dog enjoys an unmistakable and delicious flavor.


Like fruits, vegetables for dogs can also be a very valuable nutritional supplement in the canine diet. We provide an extensive list of vegetables that can be tasted by our faithful companions, as long as we provide them in moderation and following the indicated advice:


It is a vegetable that preserves its properties very well even if it is cooked, something that cannot be said about all the foods that will be considered in the following sections.

Zucchini is rich in potassium, calcium and has is high in vitamin A. If the dog acquires zucchini, it will have better kidney and heart health, not to mention the strengthening of its bones.


There are many aids that this vegetable provides in the canine organism. The different vitamins it contains (C, A, E and K) provide various benefits to the canine body: strengthening of the bones, healing properties, promoting the vision and teeth of the dog, etc.


Carrot is a vegetable that can be eaten raw without problems. This vegetable is a true mine of vitamins (B, C, D, E and K) and a great ally for canine vision. Biting the fiber of the carrot gives the dog, in addition to what has been said, a  unique oral cleaning , since it helps reduce the accumulated amount of tartar on teeth and gums.

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