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Erectile dysfunctionImpotence

You don't like to talk to the doctor about Impotency problems. They occur with many men. The sexual desire (libido) is present, but the penis does not become sufficiently stiff or slackens quickly again. In addition to psychological factors such as stress, depression or pressure to perform, physical factors can also play a major role. In most cases, impotence can be treated.

Impotency problems many men over 40 have Erectile dysfunction can have many causes – often it can be resusbable.

Impotence is a sexual disorder in the male sex, which is manifested by the fact that no or insufficient erection occurs over a period of at least 6 months despite sexual arousal. Impotence is not to be confused with infertility. A man who suffers from Impotency problems can have children.

In the case of an erectile dysfunction, the erection is not sufficient for sexual intercourse, as the penis is not stiff enough. In addition, some men cannot control their ejaculatory effusion, which is too premature or delayed. Others suffer from not having ejaculatory effusion.

Did you know?

Every 2nd man over the age of 40 complains of Impotency problems, at least temporarily.

The likelihood of developing impotence increases with age. Overall, it is assumed that men over the age of 30 are affected by between 20 and 50%. In fact, only a fraction of the therapy is done out of false shame. Impotence is often an early warning sign for vascular calcification, ultimately for atherosclerosis and thus angina pectoris, heart attack and stroke.

Causes of erectile dysfunction

The absence of an impotence erection is caused by the interaction of blood vessels, hormones,nervous system and psyche. In addition to circulatory disorders and diseases of the nervous system, spinal diseases such as herniated discs or injuries in the small pelvis can also be causal. In addition, hormonal disorders or operations can trigger an erectile dysfunction.

Especially in younger men, psychological factors can interfere with Impotency:

  • Stress
  • Pressure
  • Fear of failure
  • Personality conflicts
  • Depression or other mental illnesses

Circulatory Excessive cholesterol levels over a long period of time can cause impotence.

In older men very often cause circulatory disorders Impotency problems:

  • Arterial circulatory disorder: In people with atherosclerosis, blood vessels throughout the body are narrowed due to high blood lipid levels and elevated cholesterol levels. This also applies to the penis. The small blood vessels – arterioles and capillaries – are also damaged in high blood pressure and diabetes mellitus. This hinders the blood flow into the corpus caving.
  • Venous circulatory disorder: As a rule, veins in the penis work like valves – with an erection they remain closed. The blood remains in the penis and the erection is maintained. In case of impotence, this mechanism no longer works. The muscles in the penis cannot relax properly. The veins allow the incoming blood to flow out of the corpus cavities too quickly. Studies suggest that increased blood sugar levels may also be responsible. Sickly elevated blood sugar is said to damage the smooth muscles of the penis.

Nervous diseases

About one in 10 patients with impotence is diagnosed with nerve disease. An erection begins in the brain. When aroused, certain messenger substances are released by nerve fibers, so that the blood vessels in the corpus cavernosa can expand. In the event of a disturbance of the signalling pathway from the brain to the limb, the penis cannot stiffen despite libido.

Affected men are often persons with:

  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Parkinson's disease
  • Alzheimer 's
  • Skull-brain traumas
  • Stroke
  • Diabetes mellitus
  • excessive alcohol consumption or addiction

Hormone disorders

Hormonal disorders are rarely the cause of Impotency problems. Those who lack the male sex hormone testosterone usually feel less sexual arousal.

An excess of prolactin can also cause erectile dysfunction. This hormone actually promotes milk formation in mothers, but is also common in men. Certain diseases and medicines increase production.

Treat Impotency

In the meantime, there are many different treatment options, which ultimately also depend on the cause of impotence. Often you have to treat the disease responsible for the erectile dysfunction: a diabetes patient should be properly adjusted. A man prone to high blood pressure may need anti hypertensive agents. A man with a testosterone deficiency will compensate for this with hormone therapy. Once the cause has been determined by the urologist, the urologist can also initiate the appropriate therapy. Taking medications like bluechew can treat your impotence.

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