Things you should know about Golden retriever

The Golden Retriever is one of the most popular breeds especially in the United States. These breed of dogs make fabulous family pets thanks to their easygoing and friendly demeanor. In addition, they are dogs with high intelligence, which makes them perfect to be working dogs as well.

The Golden Retriever is a very wide-ranging dog that will play with many types of people. From hunters and trackers to police officers due to their good sense of smell. In addition to this, they are also frequently used as therapy assistance dogs. And if that weren't enough, they tend to perform well in dog sports such as "Agility" and "obedience competitions."

The golden retriever is a real family dog. They love to swim (even with their humans!), Run, and play outside. They are very sociable, so a large and active family is ideal for them. They also need abundant affection and caresses. Due to their past as hunting dogs, they love to hunt for the ball and bring it back!

They are ideal for both children and adults. The golden retriever are best when they have plenty of company, so that despite their level of activity, often along very well with retired persons who can devote enough time.

Facts about golden retriever puppies

The golden retriever are playful and loyal and maintain their puppies’ personality in adulthood. The golden retriever puppies can be nice, but need plenty of socialization and training to learn to behave well as adults (i.e. when they are older but still want to sit on your lap).

Size: The golden retriever weigh between 25 and 30 kg for females and 30 to 35 kg in the case of males and reach between 55 and 60 centimeters height of the shoulder.

Breed characteristics: Active and strong, golden retrievers are not clumsy at all. They have a relatively long, thick, golden coat and a robust build. Its ears are short, its muzzle is straight and its tail, which is not usually still, has abundant hair. Their coat is usually gold or red, although British Golden Retrievers can also be cream-colored.

Temperament: To the golden retriever love to have fun: enjoy playing ball or swimming bring and will try to pursue waterfowl if given the opportunity. Their puppy energy is maintained into adulthood and it is fairly easy to train them. The character of the golden retriever makes it a great pet for families, as they are tremendously loyal to their humans. They love company and will not feel good if they are alone for a long time.

Hairdressing and health needs: The golden retriever move moderately with some frequency. Their fur is waterproof, so they only need a bath occasionally. Once or twice a year they molt strongly, so it is advisable to brush them daily during this period.

The National Breed Club of the United States recommends the following for your golden: evaluation of hips and elbows, cardiac examination and ophthalmological examination.

Unfortunately, golden retrievers are more prone to cancer than other breeds. Therefore, make sure to provide your dog with a healthy diet and to comply with regular veterinary check-ups.

Power level: Since they are a sporty breed, they need plenty of exercise. To the golden retriever love running, hiking or even accompany their owners on biking. Make sure to do some test rides before taking them on longer hikes or camping.

Longevity: The golden retriever live between 10 and 12 years on average.

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