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Spain, among the ten most attractive European countries to invest in infrastructure, according to CMS

Spain is the seventh most attractive European country to invest in infrastructure in Europe and the fourteenth in the world, according to the study ' Global Infrastructure report ', carried out by CMS, the largest legal firm in Europe. The solid economic recovery in Spain, one of the fastest growing countries in the eurozone, favors the emergence of investment opportunities in infrastructure, according to the report, which cites the Extraordinary Highway Investment Plan, as an example.

This plan supposes a program of public-private collaboration -based on the payment for availability- of 5 billion euros, which implies investments of 2,000 kilometers of roads by 2021, with concessions for 30 years.

However, Spain stands out for being increasingly stronger in the renewable energy sector. The growing investor confidence in the Spanish market is evident in strong M&A activity in this sector, according to CMS. Among the most recent transactions, the acquisition by Cubico of two concentrated solar energy (CSP) assets in Granada stands out, and the acquisition by Sonnedix of a portfolio of 136 MW photovoltaic assets, among others.

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CMS experts also collect how the crisis caused governments to cut public spending and with this decreased investment in infrastructure in member countries. Once the crisis was over, the President of the Commission, Jean Claude Juncker, designed a plan that, together with the European Investment Bank, has managed to create favorable conditions to increase spending on infrastructure in the European Union.

Spending on infrastructure, according to the report, has been well received by the different governments, who see it as an economic stimulus and, thanks to this, have prepared ambitious investment plans.

Holland, the current leader, and Germany, the future

The Netherlands is the country that heads the European and world ranking of the most attractive countries to invest in infrastructure, followed by Germany and the United Kingdom, while Russia, Turkey and Bulgaria are at the bottom of the ranking due to lack of stability and transparency.

However, going forward, Germany meets all the requirements, according to the report, to be one of the best infrastructure investment markets in Europe. Last year, the federal government launched the BVWP 2030 plan, with the aim of facilitating spending on transportation infrastructure, including roads, railways, and lost items fire emblem .

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