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My name is Shyanne winter. I got my two year old daughter a puppy so she can grow up with him and have a best friend. He became one of our family members. We loved him as he was our own son. Unfortunately as I took him out to go to the bathroom before I had time to put him on his leash out side he saw another dog across the street I ran to go grab his collar He ran right into on coming traffic... as I saw the whole accident he tried to get up and he fell back to the ground. Meanwhile people stopped to help me. Hoping we have a chance to save his life. MY two year old came out and seen him laying there. Not what a mother would want her child to see. So my sister took her while the man who hit him gave us a ride to the nearest vet which is on 380 west 7200 south midvale Utah. As we got there they took him from us and I went to talk to the front desk they told me I would have to pay 500 to 600 dollars upfront to be able to help him. I didn't have that kind of money so I tried every possible thing I could think of. Calling family and friends to see if they could help,trying the credit payment they have. The man was trying everything also. As time went by they weren't doing anything for him besides oxygen He sat in the back in pain while we tried everything we could to come up with that money. Finally the vet told us if we couldn't pay it then the best solution is to put him to sleep because it wouldn't be a garentee He would even be able to survive with out knowing his injury's Or if he needs surgery. the man who hit my puppy got approved for 500 and said he will cover the cost of the amount to spend the last ten minutes with him and to be there so he didn't have to go alone. As we we're getting ready to see him the man signed papers and they didn't inform him about leaving his credit approval. So he left thinking it was covered. And we went to talk to the front desk after they mention it wasn't paid because he didn't leave the credit approval paper. We we're asking what options do we have now . They we're very rude. Saying we knew about the 500 to 600 upfront when we walked in and Saying we shouldn't have a dog if we can't afford one . I mentioned he's like a human He deserves the help a human would if they we're injured like this. There response was He can't speak for himself so he's know where as near as close to being a human. They we're arguing with us, being disrespectful and uncaring. MY puppy was hurt and all they cared about was receiving There money. Since we weren't able to pay the money they told us we could take him home and let him die there. This veterinary er is so uncaring about there animals. They didn't try to save his life, because we're not able to pay to keep him alive. I felt like the only chose I did have was to put him out of his misery because nobody would help him. It hurt us to watch how these people acted and treated us especially my hurt puppy. Who deserved a chance to fight for his life. I am writing this because even though he didn't have a voice to speak for himself he still has a soul so I'll be the voice for him because I don't think Nobody has a right to take a soul. I think every living soul should have the chance to fight for There life. Marley may have not but I hope I can make the difference to where any injured animals can be saved either way. This veterinarian er put in the effort to Not save him, simply because they we're concerned about the money instead of his life. I want to make a difference so every animals has a fighting chance for There life

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