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Hardware, software, infrastructures - that's a thing with them. From start-ups to enterprise groups: at best, everyone needs the latest, high-quality, and high-performance IT, but these attributes automatically mean a lot of financial resources. “Start-ups and relatively young medium-sized companies in particular often have the problem that the requirements for the infrastructure can change quickly and the system is overloaded after a short time. Or it is invested inexpensive systems, the options of which are then paid for but not fully used,”says Torben Belz, Managing Director of PLUTEX GmbH from Bremen. Hosting or UK colocation models are not only inexpensive alternatives to purchasing, they also allow flexibility and in some cases even increase data security.

Many are reluctant to give up security

“It doesn't matter whether it's hosting or outsourcing your hardware to a colocation. The first question from customers is always: How safe is it to give your data to someone else? ”Says Torben Belz. Professional data center operators such as PLUTEX work according to documented, transparent security requirements and comply with GDPR-compliant processes and the guidelines for data management for the security of data management. These regulate how the data is to be handled in ongoing processes and also what the transfer of the data looks like after the termination of a hosting contract. 

After all the data has been saved and handed over to the customer, the server systems that are no longer used are completely switched off and the user and customer data are shredded following DIN certification. In addition to the digital security of the data, managing directors also take care of physical protection in the unfamiliar home. 

Torben Belz explains: "Anyone concerned about building management when it comes to data security should make sure when choosing a provider whether they are certified by TÜV for information security and quality management." Data centers and service providers with this award have security standards that, as a company, cannot be fulfilled in most cases. Data in data centers is often safer than on your company walls. Special access technology ensures building security and digital protocols make it clear who is entering the room, when and for how long. Also, there are measures such as UPS systems,

Costs have to be transparent

“If you have a service provider at hand in the event of an IT security incident or data loss, you will be quickly rescued. If the entire administration in the form of a managed service is in the hands of such experts, all IT systems are monitored around the clock, so that security risks are often minimized in advance. However, possible security incidents are quickly identified and countermeasures are taken thanks to the seamless monitoring by experienced administrators. In the event of malfunctions, they restart the systems within a few hours and restore lost data immediately thanks to triple, geo-redundant storage, “explains Torben Belz. This is another point that should be closely examined when companies are colocating or renting IT infrastructures: What does the offer include in detail? Because the more powerful the infrastructures are, the more demanding the administration is - and that is not always included. Torben Belz knows that the following points should be addressed by the provider in the first consultation:

"What does the customer need? Where does it make sense to add server capacity? Here, the provider has to hold a conversation at eye level and explain ideas, measures, and advantages in such a way that non-IT customers make an independent decision based on the conversation. Technical terminology and versions that customers can only follow to a limited extent are not a good basis of trust. Who likes to buy something that they don't understand? Good service also includes permanent personal contact, because customers often have concerns about being left alone with the technology. ”

"What does the financial side look like? Good advice includes a detailed list of racks or servers that are rented, depending on customer requirements for computing power and storage. And here it is also clearly shown how the costs change if the provider also takes over server management, i.e. the administration of the servers. While these are additional costs, they should be considered in terms of cost-benefit calculations. Monitoring, update and patch management, firewalls, and data backup, as well as backup management, are all part of server colocation UK management. ”
“Another point that should be settled during the first interview is the duration: short periods are advantageous, where termination is always possible at the end of the month. This also enables the customer to adapt server services very easily and flexibly if this becomes necessary. "
" All points with customer requirements and services should be defined in writing to then create a very specific, detailed, and, above all, the transparent offer can."

Hosting and colocation services can completely replace your own, expensive IT infrastructures and are useful for companies from all industries. By outsourcing data management to a professional, companies increase the security of their data, achieve maximum flexibility when building their infrastructures, and at the same time take advantage of sustainable and energy-efficient operation of the technologies, since modern data centers such as PLUTEX implement appropriate measures here.

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