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Ejaculation Volume And Strength In Relationship To Male Virility

The power and aesthetics of the human penis has been a subject of fixation and discussion for as long as we can remember. Almost every culture world-wide have associated certain success and power characteristics to the penis. With all of the obsession over the size of the penis and how long it can remain erect, there’s a surprising lack of conversation about the most important aspect : orgasm. In the end, all of the focus usually ends up ultimately being about the pleasure and experience and not the size. Our Semenax Review:

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This is precisely why more and more men are starting to focus on ejaculation quality because it is something they CAN control. As men begin to understand and focus on orgasm intensity, ejaculate volume, they also experience a more fulfilling sexual life.

Semenax Review

Once you begin to comprehend the inner workings of the male orgasm experience, you will begin to understand how important healthy ejaculation is to all men..

During sexual activity, the ejaculatory ducts begin to accumulate semen. At the apex of sexual gratification, the male has an orgasm, and many different muscles contact at the same time. This includes the PC (pubococcygeus) muscle, the anus and rectum, the ejaculatory duct and the perineum, as well as other penis muscles. It is through this series of intense contractions that the body is able to deliver it’s output of semen. Initially, these contractions are less than a second apart and very intense. They become less intense and farther apart as the orgasm progresses.

Exactly how much a man ejaculates can be associated with diet, genetics, age, how often he has sex and overall health. The prostate and seminal vesicles produce the vast majority of the ejaculate. The appearance of your ejaculate should be between a thick white, grey, or translucent white. Usually clearer semen is an indication of lower sperm count and is most often experienced by men who have had a vasectomy. Usually men who are more potent or virile tend to have thicker, whiter semen.

Depending on general health and diet, the flavor of one’s semen varies from person to person. It has been described as tasteless, bitter, sweet and salty. It can also, in some cases, cause a slight numbness on the lips and or tongue. This flavor can be altered by the ejaculator, based on information from various doctors and internet sources.

If you are not happy with the power of your orgasm, how your semen looks, how fertile you are or how much you ejaculate, remember, you can do something about it.

For YOU, or anyone who is interested in feeling more confidence and more pleasure from having a higher volume of semen, Semenax™, which is a holistic, all-natural solution to this problem.

Semenax™ can increase the quantity of your semen to almost 500% of what you produce now, and this can also give you more powerful sperm of a higher quality, more mobile sperm, and your body will produce sperm and semen more efficiently.

Orgasms of greater power that are accompanied by larger ejaculate volume carry many benefits. Not only is a larger seminal volume personally satisfying, but partners agree that they are more aroused and impressed with a man who ejaculates in greater quantity and power.

Your sexual pleasure not only becomes more intense, but also lasts longer as you begin to build up and produce greater quantities of semen. While the orgasm is usually a very quick event for men, you can make it last longer and be more pleasant.

For those men wanting to start a family, you have probably already wondered about your own fertility and potency. Infertility problems strike more men than women, which is why Semenax is so popular.

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One of the first things that most men realize is a new-found confidence in conjunction with their increased ejaculatory volume and power. It has been proven that increased sexual confidence carries over into almost every other area of your life as well.

What makes Semenax the industry leader?

One of the first benefits associated with Semenax, outside of the already reviewed ones, is that many health professionals have given their input into the formulation to make it successful and effective. Semenax focuses on increasing seminal volume because there are so many associated benefits to this one aspect. Hundreds of years of proven historical cultural experience and input have been integrated into the entirely organic components of Semenax. All of the muscles, ducts and tissue associated with stronger male orgasms benefit from the botanicals and natural ingredients included in Semenax.

Semenax Review also has the major added benefit of being made in a cGMP Certified Phramaceutical facility, which is paramount when it comes to quality. Ingredients include amino acids, such as L-lysine, L-carnitine, and L-arginine HCL which are known to generate more testosterone, and thus, more powerful and bounteous sperm. Your potency and sex drive are amped up by natural herbs like maca, catuaba bark and epimedium sagittatum, as well as other elements to aid your nutrition and general health.

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