Rodolfo and Emily's 2015 Disneyland Half Marathon

Dear Friends and Loved Ones, 

These are a few of our favorite things:

1. Cookie

2. Running

3. Disneyland

We've managed to combine them.

On September 6, we'll be running the 2015 Disneyland Half Marathon as members of Team ASPCA.

And we're going to raise $2,000 doing it.

We would be honored by your emotional and monetary support (emphasis is on monetary) as we embrace this challenge. Your donation will help the ASPCA provide life-saving programs and services to millions of animals nationwide.

The ASPCA had an amazing impact on our lives: it gave us our precious Cookie, the little monster who won our hearts. As a measure of our gratitude, we want to help the ASPCA give other abused and homeless animals a second chance at life. Your donation will get us there.

Here are a few perks that might sweeten the deal:

  • A donation of anything will get you a personalized shout-out from Cookie, thanking you for your support.
  • A donation of $10 will get you a shout out from Cookie wearing one of her favorite outfits.
  • A donation of $25 will get you a shout out from Cookie wearing the famous taco costume, AND she'll do a trick (sit, high five, stay, lay down... or whatever she's feeling that day).
  • A donation of $50 will get you the shout out in the taco, the trick, AND an autographed photo of our little family.
  • A donation of $100 will get you the shout out in the taco, the trick, the autographed photo, AND we'll write your names on our jerseys so you can cross the finish line with us on race day.

All shout outs will be posted on Cookie's YouTube channel at

Take a moment to remember your favorite pet.

Now help us give someone else a memory like that.


Love and gratitude and kitten kisses,

Rodolfo and Emily

About the ASPCA: Fighting for animals is a 24/7 job, but your commitment makes it possible for our life-saving programs to create happy endings for those innocent lives touched by cruelty. Every single day of the year, we are rescuing animals from neglect and suffering. With your support, we are able to rescue animals from dog fighting, cockfighting, and puppy mills, work to end animal homelessness and farm animal cruelty, and provide medical care for countless pets in need. Please help us save even more animals and donate to this Team ASPCA campaign today.

Personal campaign progress

$ 2,232.00 raised to date
Personal Fundraising Goal
$ 3,000.00

Recent Donors

Name Amount
Vanessa Kaimo $25.00
Leah Zoppo $5.00
Shannon Seekao $202.00
Anonymous $1,295.00
Brianna Meshke McLay $25.00


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Campaign Donors:

  • Vanessa Kaimo

    $ 25.0009 / 4 / 2015

    Go, EmT & Rudy!!! Arwen is cheering you on

  • Leah Zoppo

    $ 5.0009 / 3 / 2015

    From one cat lover to another! ;) Leah thinks cookie is the best name ever for a cat!! Go Em and Rudy!! ;)

  • Shannon Seekao

    $ 202.0009 / 3 / 2015

    Double Down. Go Cookie! Oakland Rocks.

  • Erin MacLeod

    $ 10.0008 / 5 / 2015

    Good luck Rudy and EmT!! So impressed by you both!!!

  • Jara Jones

    $ 10.0008 / 5 / 2015

    This is a donation for Emily and Rudy and Cookie. Not for the indie mom and pop organization ASPCA , who made $234,254.994 last year alone in gross profit.

  • mike richardson

    $ 10.0007 / 7 / 2015

    I suppose it's my duty to support this, but you only get 10 bucks cause I'm still living on loans. Run hard, eat a cookie, hug something furry (not a badger) - words to live by.

  • William Willens

    $ 25.0007 / 6 / 2015

    I hate cats, but other animals are cool. Hooray

  • Amy Travis

    $ 100.0004 / 26 / 2015

    Have fun! Love you guys, Chris & Amy

  • Karl Estill

    $ 100.0004 / 7 / 2015

    This is awesome. Love you guys!

  • Helen fower

    $ 25.0004 / 7 / 2015

    great job, guys!! Go Cookie! The trick better be special! :-p

  • Rodolfo Correa

    $ 100.0004 / 3 / 2015

    So grateful for Cookie and hoping to help many other abandoned animals.

  • Ameeta Dadlani

    $ 25.0004 / 3 / 2015

    Love you guys for doing this!!!!

  • Jennifer Litfin

    $ 50.0004 / 2 / 2015

    I only run for booze so I support and take partial credit for your athletic prowess. Hercules and Diesel, as orphans, also so thank you and appreciate you both. Good luck! ❤️

  • Emily Travis

    $ 100.0004 / 2 / 2015

    Let's get this party started!