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The sale of homes takes the brake and falls 3.1% in March after ten months of increases

The sale of homes fell 3.1% last March in relation to the same month of 2017, to add 39,579 operations. They are data provided this Friday by the National Statistics Institute (INE).

The year-on-year decrease in March, with which the sale of homes ends ten consecutive months of increases, contrasts with the 16.2% rise achieved in what was the best February in seven years in the number of sales of homes made .

Keep in mind that Easter took place in March of this year , while in 2017 it was celebrated in April.

Transactions on used homes decreased 2.8% in March in relation to the same month of 2017, to total 32,538. While the purchase and sale of new homes advanced 4.6% in the interannual rate , to 7,041 transactions.

89.5% of the houses transferred by merchanting in the third month of the year were free homes and 10.5%, protected. The sale of free homes fell 3.7% in the interannual rate in March, to add 35,424 transactions. While operations on protected dwellings advanced 2.3%, with 4,155 transactions.

In monthly terms (March over February), home sales decreased by 4.6% , compared to the 14.4% monthly increase experienced in March 2017.

Last March, the highest number of merchanting of dwellings per 100,000 inhabitants occurred in the Valencian Community (151), the Balearic Islands (131) and Catalonia (116).

Andalusia was the region that carried out the most operations on housing in the third month of the year, with 7,543 merchantings, followed by Catalonia (6,733), the Valencian Community (5,909) and Madrid (5,761).

Six communities increased the number of merchantings of homes in March in the interannual rate and eleven cut them. The greatest advances were registered in Aragon (+ 7.7%), Murcia (+ 6.4%) and Castilla-La Mancha (+ 5%) and the greatest decreases were carried out by Cantabria (-19.7%) and La Rioja (-13.7%).

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The total of transferred farms decreases 7.8%

Adding rustic and urban farms (houses and other urban nature properties), the farms transmitted last March reached 157,047 , a figure 7.8% lower than that of the same month in 2017.

By sale and purchase, 5.4% fewer farms were transferred than in March 2017 . While donation transfers fell 25.4%, swap operations fell 15.6%. And those transmitted by inheritance decreased 9.8%.

According to INE data, the number of merchantings of rustic properties fell 9.9% last March , to a total of 12,391 operations. While merchantings of urban properties decreased 4.5%, to 68,912 operations.

In March, the highest number of farms transmitted per 100,000 inhabitants occurred in Castilla y León (666), Aragón (644) and La Rioja (593).

The seasonal factor has been key

Beatriz Toribio, responsible for studies  fotocasa , this slowdown in growth of operations is related to a seasonal factor, due to the coincidence of Easter .

"We saw this same effect in April 2017, when merchanting declined after a very good month of March , with increases in the number of operations that were close to 30%."

But above all, in his opinion, "this slowdown in operations shows the market trend towards stabilization , which is also shown by the latest data from the College of Registrars."

fotocasa considers that the trend towards which the sector is moving is positive and that during 2018 it will consolidate its recovery. “The housing market is normalizing, it is making progress in its recovery . But this will be slow and moderate, as well as selective according to the areas. The trend is positive and is consolidating ”, explains Toribio.

The good moment in the sector explains why prices continue to grow at a very intense rate, with  year-on-year increases of lost items fire emblem than 5%  since the start of 2018.

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