Popular Cross Breed Dogs

Pedigree dogs are expensive, and so cross breed dogs are a popular choice these days. Some cross breed dogs can also have genetic advantages such as hypoallergenic fur or a calmer personality. However, one of the problems is that many of these crossbreeds have been marketed as ‘designer dogs’ which has encouraged breeding and sadly resulted in more unwanted animals in rescue centres. If you have the time and resources to deal with a rescue dog, try to adopt , don’t shop. Here are some of the most popular cross breed dogs today….


The gorgeous labradoodle is beautiful to look at and has fur that rarely sheds, making them a popular option. The Labradoodle is the perfect blend of Poodle and Labrador which makes this dog trainable and loving. They are the ideal family pet but they do require a great deal of exercise and they are quite a large breed!


The Patterjack is the extremely cute combination of the Patterdale terrier and Jack Russell terrier, with the classic long terrier nose and drop ears. You will get an energetic and loyal dog who is an excellent ratter! Despite the high amounts of energy these dogs will spend during the day walking, running, hunting and playing, they will surprise you in the evening when they curl up into the perfect cuddly lapdog! They are one of the most loving terrier breeds!


The Cockapoo is one of the most popular cross dog breeds in the UK. The breed comes from crossing the Cocker Spaniel and Poodle (most commonly the minuature Poodle). These were first breed over in the USA to be a healthy companion dog. The Cockerpoo is very people oriented and hardly sheds. The downside to a Cockapoo is that they can get separation anxiety, and so avoid getting one if they are going to be left at home all day while you are out at work.


The Cavachon is a small and adaptabloe breed that will do better than most dogs in an apartment or house with a small yard as long as it gets regular walkies! Bred as a cross between the King Charles Cavalier and Bichon Frise, these dogs inherit the best characteristics of each breed. They are great with kids and adapt to most environments.


The pomsky is ever growing in popularity in the UK. It’s a cross between a Pomeranian and a Husky, making them look much like a miniature Husky! Playful and attention seeking, these cute cross breeds have the advantages of not needing to spend so much energy as an actual Husky, and being a more cuddleable size. The thick Husky like coat means that they are tolerant of cold weather conditions. Like the Cockapoo, these dogs don’t do very well at being alone for long periods of time.

I hope that you enjoyed reading about these 5 fabulous crossbreeds. How about you, which dog breed do you prefer? Do comment on my blog as I’d love to know!

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