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For 13 years, I had alot of ups and downs but the one thing that always was solid was the love I recieved from my two cats, Mooshoo and Munchkin. I was never a "cat guy" but after having my two boys come into my life, that changed instantly.

I found Mooshoo while living in new york. I was living with my girlfriend Michelle and her family. One day we were leaving for the day, when her brother ran out to tell us that he heard a weird noise all night. After taking a minute to listen, we soon were on our way saying how crazy he was and how he was just hearing things. We arrived home that night, around 9pm or so, only to have her brother once again telling us he hears the strange noise again. We gave another listen, but this time, we heard something. It was a faint squeaky,high pitch but faint noise. Not knowing what it was, or where it was, i grabbed a flashlight and went on a search. After looking around the yard and finding nothing,I then jumped up on the neighbors fence to shine the light into their yard. When I followed the light down, directly where it ended was atop a little white image. I had no idea what it was but it looked like a white field mouse. It was wet and had no distinct features other than a little mouth that kept crying,screaming, making the squeaky noise we heard so faintly. Only now it was much louder. We took it to our local vet immediately to see what it was and to see if it was hurt. When we finally got in to talk with the vet, he told us it was a cat. Ofcourse I said, "get the f#$% out of here!". He said he wasnt kidding and it was most def a cat and he was just born within the past couple of days.  Shocked, I said "ok, well what should we do now?". Surprisingly, he responded by saying we should just put it back where we found it, and let it die. WTF? No way. that wasnt gonna happen I told him. He said the mother won't go near it since it has my smell on it and we wouldnt be able to keep it alive. I told him he was f#$%&*@ crazy and just to check it for bugs,or anything else that would be harmful to it. After $60, he sent us on our way with zero hope that this little cat would do anything but die. So, we looked up how to nurse a newborn cat and we fed it with baby bottles, kept it warm, woke up through the night to feed him, and even touching his butt to make him poop. It was just like having a child. Then as time went on, his eyes started opening up more, his paws grew and started holding the bottle and he quickly started looking like what is recognizable to a cat. Soon after he started walking around, eating on his own and going in the litterbox, we found Munchkin. Or really, he found us. He followed my girlfriends mom and little brother home from the school bus stop. Since we knew what to do from Mooshoo, and since Munchkin was little more grown,but not by much, it was pretty easy for us to take him into the family as well. He and Mooshoo got along instantly. They would play and run around the house with eachother and seemed to be in good health.

Flash forward a few years later and they moved with me all over Long Island N.Y. Then, they got to experience a plane and moved with me to Reno Nevada, then to Las Vegas by minivan. Until finally we made it to Los Angeles. Through it all, they were not only my children, but also my best friends. They were always there when I needed someone and showed unconditional love when there was no one around to do so. They helped me thorough break-ups, lonely nights, and even an episode of depression. They were always there waiting for me when I got home and would always brighten my morning when I woke up. They were the only reasons why I even got up in the morning most times or why I should even go home. They kept me stable and centered me when I really needed to be. I was never really alone when they were in my life.

Mooshoo passed away 3 years ago. When he died, it was probably the hardest thing I ever had to deal with since my dad died when I was 18. The main reason why it was a little easy was because I had Munchkin there. It was so hard for me to see Munchkin without Mooshoo. I never saw them apart until now, and it was really hard. I saw how Munchkin would look for Mooshoo and even meow for him.That killed me and made me put aside my feelings in order to help Munchkin with his. I spoiled him after Mooshoo passed and we became closer than we were before. He was always a loner but when Mooshoo died, he seemed as if he didnt want to be alone. So, we kept eachother company in everything we did. We helped one another with our loss and we got through it together.

About a month ago, Munchkin passed away. This time it was just me and this time it was even harder. Most people don't understand how hard a loss of a pet is unless you are pet owner. Not only did I lose my best friends, but I also lost my purpose to a point. 13 years I grew a connection with two living things who relied on me to feed them, take care of them, and to be responsible for them. Now, I dont have that responsibility anymore, that purpose, and it has been a little difficult to get used to. I miss them every day. Not because I am lonely, but because my life was so much brighter with them in it.

Mooshoo and Munchkin were my whole world for 13 years. I always think if I did everything I could for them. If I had more money, would things have been different? Who knows? All I do know is I did everything I could to give them the best life I could have. They made me so happy and I can only hope that I did the same for them. So what better way to keep that love they gave me, by trying to spread it towards another animal in need. An animal that has no one living for them, or taking care of them, loving them, feeding them, etc. All animals should be helped and all animals can use the help whether they realize that is what we all are trying to do or not. when you look at your dog,cat,lizard, fish, whatever, know that somewhere another animal that may look just like your pet needs help,love or the feeling that someone cares about them. Even if they can't say thank you, the help I am sure will be appreciated.

So, if you can give whatever you can afford,help another animal in need. Mooshoo, Munchkin, and myself will be very appreciative.Then, in their name, others in need may experience the love and care that they gave to me.



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