Love with Mature Lady

This story happened last fall in a city in the south of the country, where I came to live, to work on a ship. The owner of the house was already a lady, about 40 years old, but it was very well preserved. He had good legs and a good ass, round and apparently hard, because he played sports. She was separated and did not have a boyfriend, so I thought she had an accumulated desire to fuck.


Sometimes I would borrow her bathroom and find her thongs just removed, they had traces of vaginal juices still fresh, as if she had masturbated or as if she had had an erotic dream at night.


He used to put on a tight lycra, which showed that he had a big and hairy pussy, which I secretly looked at, and I wanted to suck and stick his tongue to the remotest places. Until making her moan with pleasure.


On one occasion she asked me for the favor of taking her in my car to the city center. When we got up I told him to put on his seat belt, it seems that he was locked, so I tried to help him and, without intention, I brushed his breasts with my hands, which immediately excited me; I continued adjusting the belt pretending some difficulty, that way I squeezed her tits again. I noticed that she pretended not to feel anything, I thought that I had gone too far and I was more demure. I did not harass her again this time.


One day I arrived and she was alone. He had been washing and his shirt was wet, as he was not wearing a bra, two saggy tits showed, but with two large nipples, which made me very excited, and I wanted to send a hand to her pussy.


I wanted to greet her with a kiss on the cheek, she gave me the opportunity and reached to touch her lips with mine. It seems that this gave him some pleasure, he looked at me, but said nothing. We started talking about trivial things. I was looking for a way to get closer to her, or touch her in some way, it suddenly occurred to me to talk to her about the subject of massages and how good they were to relax, so I proposed that if she wanted I could give her a massage. He said yes. I took her to bed and laid her on her stomach, I could appreciate her big ass without hiding, since she did not see me.


I started to massage her back, gently, which seemed very pleasant to her, then, I boldly ran my hands over the roots of her tits. I could feel her erect nipples, which gave me confidence to continue the groping. Since he didn't say anything, I brazenly took her tits and started squeezing them.


Immediately afterwards, with one hand he caressed her ass and ran his fingers over her pussy, to which she shrugged and contracted her ass, as a sign of pleasure, while, with the other hand, she continued caressing the teats. Without further ado, I took off her shirt and started kissing her back and the base of her breasts. At the same time, I caressed her entire ass, separating her buttocks and putting my nose there, that sweat smell made me hotter.


I turned her towards me and, softly, I began to kiss her stomach, her navel, rising until her nipples pecked, her excitement was greater and mine too. He said: don't do this to me please! I simply covered her mouth with one hand, she began to suck my fingers, while I kissed her chest and with the other hand I took her pussy over the lycra. I stuck to her tits and she sucked them both, at intervals, her nipples were erect.


What a great pussy! I couldn't reach my hand to cover it. In turn, she began to remove the shirt I was wearing, I did not resist. I was already exploding. So I proceeded to remove the tight lycra I had. That big animal was soon in front of me, with very large lips on the edges, bulging, that thing was bigger than my face. Despite her age, she wore a very small white panties that made her nose stand out more, and she could see signs that she was wet above the pants. I couldn't bear the urge to jump into that little pussy and start kissing him.

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Little black veil came out of the holes in her panties. Little hairs also came out on the sides, although it looked freshly waxed. I started to kiss her from the knees up, very slowly, going up those big thighs that were boiling, as if saying eat me now, when I got to her little pussy, she stopped to sniff around with my nose, the smell of her wet little thing filled me with pleasure .


I kissed her on the sides, lifting her panties and sticking my tongue out. I savored her vaginal juices, she writhed with pleasure. I didn't wait any longer and I took off her panties. You could see that wet, well-plucked slit.


I ran my tongue over the surface, to which he shuddered, and pressed my head against his little cock. Without further ado, I opened her vaginal lips with my tongue and began to lick, sticking my tongue even deeper, those pink and wet lips were thirsty for sex, the whore was dripping and shuddered with pleasure, not to mention when I arrived to her clit, her body arched without being able to hold the excitement, I grabbed her ass with my hands and pressed her closer to my mouth. With my lips I pressed her clitoris and sucked it, at the same time, I began to brush her ass with my fingers, at first, she took my fingers from her ass but finally gave in. I lubricated it with her hot milk, until I put my whole finger in it, the bitch did not know what to do, she moaned, twisted and squeezed, with her hands, my head against her pussy, I put my finger in and out in one movement, at first slow, then very fast, she did not hold long and came into a long orgasm full of gasps and contractions. When he finished, he had me in that same position for a long time, stroking my hair, with my head tucked into his shell.


I wiped my mouth with a sheet and stood up, she immediately grabbed my hips, took off my pants and started kissing the cock over the thong she was wearing, she didn't wait long, and she took it from me with a sudden and desperate movement.


It was in front of her, my dick, from which the first trickles were already dripping. At once, he grabbed her with both hands and brought her to his mouth; First, he kissed the point with his lips, then, he put his whole head in her mouth and squeezed her tightly. His mouth was hot, he sucked on it several times, and then he started rubbing it all over his face, nose, ears; then he started sucking on the tip again, I felt my blood boil, and I felt my penis grow in his mouth and put it much deeper. She began to run my penis, from root to tip, and I was also sucking my eggs. I noticed that, in this, I could not last long, so I took my cock from her mouth and I laid her on the bed, opened her legs and tried to penetrate her without further consideration.


I was surprised when she told me not to do that to her, that we had already gone too far, because she, because of her age, could be my mother. In the midst of my excitement I didn't know what to do, so I decided to take her by force, so I grabbed both her hands and put them behind her head; That's how I held her with one hand, and with the other I grabbed my penis to put it in her vagina, she struggled for a few moments, closed her legs but I opened them again, then, after a few minutes, she gave in and said: I like to be taken like this, put it all in, please, I want to feel it inside me, sink it without compassion! To which, I proceeded immediately, but thinking inside me: now you're going to pay me, you fucking bitch, this joke is going to hurt a lot.


But it seemed that she had a rather narrow vagina, because it was difficult for me to insert it. He told me to put it in slowly because it hurt. She herself guided my penis with her hands, with every inch that I advanced, she moaned and almost screamed in a gesture mixed with pain and pleasure.


I kept sticking her in, and she was screaming even more, and she was digging her nails into my back, which turned me on a lot more. Soon I entered her all, and put her legs on my shoulders, and began a rhythmic movement, to which she began to move quickly, and so did I. I rested my legs on one end of the bed and hugged her tightly with my hands, so that she could hardly move or resist, so I gave more force to my movements and much more quickly, she screamed in despair , and I felt how her vagina contracted and pressed against my penis, the penetration was maximum, she began to move like crazy with pleasure, to which I had to hit her with a hand on her face, but this only managed to accelerate her much more. This gave me more excitement, so I felt myself coming and I couldn't take it anymore. I quickly lowered her legs and hugged her tightly with my hands, in these moments, I ejaculated without thinking about it anymore, and I felt how her internal muscles contracted again squeezing my cock. This moment for me was infinite. We held each other for a long time and she said that they had never done anything like this to her. I asked him why it was so narrow and he said he didn't know but it always hurt a lot.


We lay there for about 15 to 20 minutes.


As we were both lying naked, I started to look at the cuckoo, how big it was, so I started to play with it, and caress it with my hands. Again I felt arousal and my cock got hard.


I asked her if they had ever nailed her from behind, and she said no, they had tried, but she had not allowed it. I promised her that we would do it gently, without haste, and that it wouldn't hurt much. She flatly said no.


Meanwhile, I kept stroking her pussy and exciting her, she began to gasp again and moan. I took the opportunity to gently touch her bottom, and introduce a finger slowly, she saw my intentions, and tried to move me away from that area; I took her finger out of her ass, and concentrated on her pussy, but again she returned to her ass, with concealment, and, in this way, I managed to put the whole finger in her. She was telling me to please not do that to her, but at the same time, she was no longer allowing me to remove it, and she began to make a rhythmic movement with her ass. So, I turned her down and, without taking her finger off her anus, I started to stick my tongue into her cuca, and also between her buttocks. She moaned even more with pleasure. So, I decided to take my finger out of her ass and put it in her vagina. Meanwhile, with the other hand, I slowly opened her buttocks and began to brush the tip of my cock in the ass. At first, I contracted the ass and did not allow anything, but again I went to the attack; With his fingers lubricated by the mixture of semen and milk that was in his pussy, he was opening his anus again, until, in his carelessness, I put the point of his penis. At that moment, she kind of froze to assimilate the little pain, but I stroked her tits, and told her to relax, that it was going to be very pleasant. So, I started to penetrate her more and more through the anus, she immediately put both hands on the buttocks, opening them little by little, I put it slowly, she moaned even more, until I introduced all 18 centimeters, staying outside just my balls. She could barely move. So, I started to take it out and put it in very gently.


Soon, she adjusted to this new movement, and she kept up with me. We accelerated more and more, and she moaned, and asked me to make her even harder. I caught her by the hips, with both of my hands, and held her tight against me, her pleasure was infinite. Then, with one hand, I began to caress her pussy and insert her fingers, I found her clitoris and I started rubbing it. The very bitch could not resist so much pleasure, but at the same time, she felt pain, as she clung tightly to the sheet, complained and bit the pillow, I even thought I saw two tears in her eyes. I continued to give him with more force for that ass, then, I noticed that the bitch was already coming, because her ass was contracting, and I was squeezing the cock, which excited me much more, I accelerated the rhythm, it seemed that it was going to burst, and in that moment,


I got up and washed my cock and went to lie down on the bed again. She told me that she was completely exhausted, and as a joke, she said that I was depraved, for everything I had done to her, but that it was the most wonderful thing that had happened to her. I replied that there was still more to go, and he told me that it was impossible, that he no longer had the strength.


Without thinking, I fell asleep. Suddenly, I woke up to feel a sensation of pleasure in my penis, I opened my eyes, and saw that it was her, who was stuck like a calf to my cock, I was sucking, putting it in and taking it out, I was getting it to the deepest part of his throat. I sucked on the tip, and sucked it so hard that sometimes it hurt, and I hunched over with pleasure. I soon felt my cock grow even more inside her mouth. So, I grabbed her by the hair, and started with a rhythmic movement, as if I had penetrated her through the pussy or through the ass.


Then, without removing my penis from her mouth, I made a turn on my back and accommodated her, so that my mouth was under her genitals, thus forming the famous 69. Her vaginal lips were dripping. I began to kiss them gently, accommodating my mouth in her vagina, while with my hands there would be both buttocks, to observe the hole in her ass, which was trying to open and close. With the tongue, I looked for her ass, and I put the point, likewise, also sucked her ass, to which, she stopped sucking my penis. I think the pleasure she felt made her stop and moan immediately. Again, he would come back with my tongue and look for her pussy, he would also introduce my tongue between her vagina, as much as he could, while also putting his fingers in his ass, already lubricated. I felt his milk run over my face, and my lips and my arousal increased even more. So, I accelerated the blow that he gave her on her vaginal lips, which she kissed one by one, running all over them, and, savoring them in my mouth, I found her clitoris, and sucked it without compassion, gently biting it with my teeth, or squeezing it with my lips. She could no longer resist, she stopped sucking me, and came into a great orgasm that seemed not to end.


But I was not finished yet, and again I put my penis in her mouth, grabbing her by the hair and forcing her to suck even harder, and faster, I felt that she was going to ejaculate. When the first spurts of semen started to come out, she felt that I was going to spill it, and tried to get it out of her mouth, but I did not allow it, I held her more tightly against me. I said to him: good bitch !, Before you wanted and now no longer ?. You have to finish what you started, and I ejaculated all my cum in his mouth; He found no other way but to swallow it all, as he liked it, because he sucked me every last drop. In this way, both of us were satisfied, and we slept for a long time. Afterward, I got dressed and promised to eat it more often.


We took advantage of any occasion to fuck, even in the kitchen. In the morning, when I got up, I would find her preparing breakfast, still without bathing, and only covered by a thin robe. So, I would come up from behind, stoop down, and lift up his robe, put my tongue between his buttocks, and, as he was not wearing shorts, he immediately found his slit and his ass, and began to suck them off; With the other hand, he grabbed her pussy and rubbed her clit. The very bitch, she almost started to jump from the emotion, she turned towards me, she threw me on the floor, she undressed me, and again we did 69. This happened almost daily.


This was the story with this female, who was in love with my cock, because, every so often, she would suck it without much thought. And she always asked me to put it in her little ass, since that way I felt a different pleasure, she said. I liked it and sank it until it screamed.

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