Jonathan's Birthday Campaign

There are far too many abused and homeless animals out there and the ASPCA slogan says: “We Are Their Voice.” 

These animals cannot help themselves and deserve better. That’s why I have made consistent small (and larger, when possible) donations to the ASPCA for at least 20 years.

I strongly believe in the power of small donations so, for my 57th birthday on April 8, I am asking any of those who are able to donate $5.70 to my fundraising campaign.

I'm doing this in memory of both Duke and Homer. I admit, Duke was not a rescue when I got him back in 2005. But getting him is what triggered my love of all dogs, my interest in helping them, and my volunteer stint at the local Orlando SPCA shelter. 

That is where Homer ended up in 2008 after an intervention group removed him from an Alabama shelter, where he was scheduled to be euthanized, and relocated him to Orlando where, after an unusual series of events, he became mine.

I wasn't sure if Duke would accept another dog in the house, but he and Homer became best friends immediately. Homer was with us for three years before I moved back to New York and my cousins Barbara and Sergio took him. They adored Homer. 

Homer passed away in January of 2019 and Duke in January 2020. I will never forget either of them.

They were both very lucky dogs. But if you’ve been to your local shelter, you've seen how many unlucky ones there are. I believe the ASPCA does an outstanding job helping unlucky animals and I hope you will support them.

So, a $5.70 donation is all I’m looking for to help the ASPCA. I know things are tough for a lot of us right now, but if you can manage it and if you appreciate the ASPCA, it’s worth every penny.

Thank you!

About the ASPCA: Fighting for animals is a 24/7 job, but your commitment makes it possible for our life-saving programs to create happy endings for those innocent lives touched by cruelty. Every single day of the year, we are rescuing animals from neglect and suffering. With your support, we are able to rescue animals from dog fighting, cockfighting, and puppy mills, work to end animal homelessness and farm animal cruelty, and provide medical care for countless pets in need. Please help us save even more animals and donate to this Team ASPCA campaign today.

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$ 50.70 raised to date
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$ 500.00
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Name Amount
Lois Rufrano $20.00
Anonymous $5.70
Linda & Lou Pisano $25.00

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