Does Jelqing Exercises Produce Results? - Real Enlargement!

Does Jelqing exercises Produce Results?

Are you suffering from low self-esteem or depression due to the insufficient size of your sexual organ? Then it is high time that you take the necessary measure to increase the size as well as capacity of your penis. Jelqing exercises is one such method, which can help you to increase the size of your organ with a high success rate, thus blessing you with a life of long lasting youthfulness, vigor and self confidence.

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What exactly is Jelqing exercises?

Jelqing exercises is a technique followed by therapists to increase the size of one's penis. It involves application of slight pressure to the smooth muscles along with other tissue of the copulation organ. The whole objective of applying this technique is to enhance the size of the erected penis permanently. This process, which is more popularly known as 'milking' entails wrapping the index finger and the thumb around the penis and drawing it away from the body with appropriate force. This helps in better blood circulation to the glans, thereby opening the blockages inside the blood vessels, the corpus cavernosa, songiosum and the other related tissues.

However, before embarking on this process one needs to warm up the genital and its surrounding region and repeat this after the process is complete. This is to ensure that the erectile dysfunction is cured properly and the genital achieves its aspired size with the full potential. The significance behind the 'warm-ups' is to reproduce the actual feeling which one experiences during the sexual act. Normally, a male sexual organ is aroused in 4 stages, the third stage being the heat, which actually acts as the catalyst in increasing the size. Hence, when Jelqing exercises is done it is important to have the right amount of heat to reach the desired size.

Moreover, one should do Jelqing exercises always on a penis which is semi erected. Otherwise the exercise might prove futile. Jelqing exercises needs to be practiced on a regular basis for half an hour to obtain the best results. Lubrication of the penis must be done before beginning the process and around 200 strokes per session will help in achieving the desired result.

History on Jelqing exercises

Jelqing exercises was a method practiced in ancient Arab by men before marriage to enjoy their conjugal lives. Therefore, its effectiveness can be traced back to the ancient times. It is believed that the fathers used to prepare their sons for marriage using this mechanism, which enlarged the length and the circumference of the penis. The Europeans are also believed to have used this technique but with few variations. In the present times, Jelqing exercises happens to be the most popular natural penis enhancement method adopted by men around the world.

Pros and Cons of Jelqing exercises

With the increasing popularity of the Jelqing exercises technique, questions have also arose regarding the effectiveness of the process. Whoever is practicing this process must also know about the advantages and disadvantages of the process. Here are some of the positive points:

  • With regular practice for 2 months you will notice that the length and the circumference of penis have increased.
  • The skin of the organ becomes tough and the elasticity of it is increased.
  • The veins expand and also become stronger being capable of holding more blood.
  • The blood circulation increases considerably.
  • Not only the size of the penis increases, but also the quality of the erection gets better every day.

However, there could be certain disadvantages involved in the process. You need to be careful while performing this exercise. But the good news is that the problems come with effective solutions as well. Some of the problems faced while doing this exercise are:

  • Discoloration along with spots – Sometimes red small spots appear on the skin, at other times black spots and purple spots can also occur. These spots indicate damaged capillaries and the colors indicate the degree of damage. Sometimes discoloration effect is noticed at the bottom. You can get rid of these problems by stopping the exercise for certain days and using the right kind of lubricant while doing it.
  • Sometimes a swelling occurs around the penis due to overdoing the process. This is known as the donut effect and it takes place in circumcised men. They might also suffer from pain due to this. Hence, it is better not to overdo the exercise.
  • Sometimes you may also suffer from the Turkey Neck problem. In this case, the scrotum also gets stretched along with the skin located at the bottom of the shaft. Normally it cannot be avoided, but performing certain skin stretching exercises might be of help.

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You can also get hold of a Jelqing exercises device to help you. However, to derive the desired result you need to do the stretching exercises regularly with proper guidance and care.

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