Best Tatami Bamboo Japanese Style Platform Bed

Best Tatami Bamboo Japanese Style Platform Bed

The Tatami Bamboo Japanese Style Platform bed is a style adopted from the Japanese culture. The main difference between this style and other western styles is that it sits extremely low on the ground. Tatami bamboo style platform bed has particular health benefits that you may not find in ordinary beds. The foundation brings a calming atmosphere to your bedroom.

There are various types of Tatami beds, one of them being a bamboo Japanese style platform bed. Apart from acting as the base of the mattress, the Japanese style can brighten your bedroom. The benefits of using bamboo for your furniture is that it is light, durable, and eco-friendly. It can also regulate the temperatures and humidity of your bedroom. If you are looking for Tatami Full Size Platform Bed visit here

Japanese Platform Bed Frames

A standard platform bed is composed of a bed frame and slats or solid panels meant to support the mattress. With a platform bed, there is no need to add a box spring, which makes the bed a good option if you are looking to save some money. Additionally, it removes the problem of squeaky sounds during sleep.

Japanese designs vary a lot from one bed to another; therefore, it depends you are looking for in a bed. The most popular material used for making platform beds is wood; however, you will still find platform beds made of metal or compressed cardboard. Tatami Japanese platform bed can be used with any mattress of standard size that requires a flat surface.

Why the Tatami Japanese Platform bed

While the primary purpose of a bed is to provide comfort, they have other uses in the bedroom. It is the main furniture in the bedroom and will influence the look of your bedroom. Tatami Bamboo Japanese Style Platform Bed instantly creates a relaxing atmosphere in your bedroom.
Whichever design you want to combine with this style, remember its height is way lower than ordinary beds. Some of these beds will come with headboards while others will come without. The best way of following the Japanese tradition to the end is by using a futon mattress.

1) South Shore One Platform Bed

The bed offers a sleek but simple design, and you can go for a simple tatami bamboo platform bed. Here you will find a platform bed with safe rounded corners with decorative moldings. The mattress foundation is made from bamboo panels and a solid plywood base. However, the foundation does not come with a headboard but is highly affordable.
Also, this piece is lower in height compared to other Japanese styles. However, the platform may not last too long. It is a good piece of furniture to have if you are looking for a cheap short-term solution as you plan to purchase a good quality platform bed.

2) Oriental Furniture Tatami Platform Bed

The bed is a product of Oriental Furniture, a re-owned company for manufacturing good quality Japanese platform beds. The bed is available in different colors and sizes and is reasonably affordable. The platform has a wooden frame and slats made to support a tatami mat.
Typically, the platform bed will add a relaxing touch and Zen to your bedroom. However, it does not come with the tatami mat. The foundation comes in four sizes twin, queen, king, and California king. It is a good piece of furniture if you are looking for furniture to improve the look of your bedroom. Read more here

3) South Shore Holland Platform

The platform bed has elegant designs; some of this Japanese style benefit from embedded accessories making them more functional. The bed has been convenient by the sliding storage space under the mattress. The most exciting thing about this bed is that you can align it to the wall and still access the storage space with ease.
It is sturdy enough to support weighty sleepers. Furthermore, it presents decorative moldings that give it a sleek look. The bed is an economical choice to go for since you don’t need a box spring or extra storage space. Furthermore, the platform bed is eco-friendly and comes with a 5-year warranty.

4) South Shore Step One Platform Bed

The bed is highly affordable and is convenient if you are looking for a bed with an extra storage facility. It has a flat platform bed to provide adequate support for the mattress. The highly functional platform bed adds elegance and beauty to your bedroom. If you are looking for an affordable Japanese style, this could be the most suitable style for you.
You can place the mattress on top of the bed without a box spring; hence it is highly economical. Canada manufactured furniture is eco-friendly. Its low-profile feature can complement any other furniture in the room with ease. Comes with a 5-year warranty and assembly is required.

5) Fujian Modern Bed

The platform bed ranks as the most superior quality Japanese platform bed. If you are looking to create an eastern theme and a relaxing atmosphere in your bedroom, this is a perfect bed for you. On each side of the headboard, the foundation has a nightstand. Its design is simple but sturdy and can fit any interior. Even though it comes with a price, its quality justifies the price. ‘
The platform bed measures 93 inches wide and 91 inches long. It comes in four boxes and weighs a total of 350 lbs. The chest of drawers and dressers are available in this set. Just so that you know, it’s nightstands at 23.5 inches wide.


Well, whatever you will choose for your bedroom, a Tatami Bamboo Japanese Style Platform Bed can make a huge difference in your bedroom. The Japanese style has been around for a couple of centuries, and its popularity has increased over time. They are hygienic, provide firm support, sustainable, breathable, and improves the blood floor.
What you are looking for at the end of the day is a good quality bed that can provide an excellent and comfortable sleep. While there are countless other options out there, a Tatami Bamboo Japanese Style Platform Bed is a good piece of furniture to consider if you are looking for a full platform bed with trundle.

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