Feliway Diffuser

What does a Feliway diffuser do?

Have you heard of Feliway? If you have cats and don't know about them, it may take you a few minutes to find out.

What Is Feliway?

Philway is a product that mimics a chemical that cats secrete through the glands on their faces when they feel calm and want to talk to other cats in the area. This pheromone works on the brains of cats to calm them down and help relieve stress and anxiety. According to this special pro men pheromone, a feline can also help cats feel at peace. You can check Feliway diffuser review

Two Types of Feliway

There are two formulas for the fallway. The first, the original Feliway, mimics the facial pheromones that cats release when released. It creates a calm feeling in cats and is ideal for the following types of situations:

  • Urinating outside the sewer due to stress or regionalism
  • Improper scraping
  • Pressure related to moving, traveling or reshaping
  • Nerve related to veterinary or groomer visit

This Feliway formulation is available in diffusion or spray.

A spreader can cover about 700 square feet of open space in your home, and it's great to have it in areas where your cat spends most of its time and in areas where it is abused. Make sure to plug the diffuser where it will not obstruct, where there is good airflow, and where it will not be near an open window. Do not place it behind furniture or cupboards, where its effects will be blocked.

The Feliway spray is great for spraying inside a cat carrier before getting in the car so that the kitty can travel more comfortably. After a thorough cleaning, it can also be sprayed on furniture that is being properly scratched or on carpets or other surfaces on which urination is taking place. You should first check it in a specific area. You can also check Raiseacat.com

The second configuration, the Flynn Multicat, is available in a spread, and it mimics the pheromone of the face that mother cats emit to calm their kittens. It is an ideal for use in situations where cats are aggressive against each other at home.

What is Feliway diffuser?

Feliway is a synthetic version of Flynway's face pheromone used by cats to safely and securely mark their area. The Feliway creates a sense of familiarity and security in the cat's local environment by mimicking the pheromone of a cat's natural face. As a result, cats can help cats feel relaxed and confident when dealing with a difficult challenge and help prevent or reduce stress caused by changes in their environment.


  • Imitation cat's natural facial pheromones, which create a calm atmosphere and put pressure on your cat
  • Cats can help relax while coping with a difficult challenge and preventing or reducing stress caused by changes in their environment. Stress from a new pet, new home, visitors, or even rearranging furniture can help.
  • The veterinarian recommends and starts seeing results within the first week medically.
  • The spread consists of a spread and a filling for the spread. Each raffle lasts up to 30 days.
  • The distance to War is up to 700 square feet.
  • The diffuse prong can be rotated to accommodate horizontal outlets.

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