Extenze Reviews- Unlocking The Truth About Extenze

If you are looking into purchasing a male enhancement product then you may want to consider the reviews that have been circulating about Extenze especially if you are considering this product for purchase. There are several valid and disturbing complaints and reviews that have been posted regarding this product.

The product is reported to increase the size of the penis, increase sensitivity, increase sex drive, performance, as well as increasing the frequency of an erection and the number of erections. The product is also marketed not as a dietary supplement but as an herbal supplement.

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The fact that all reviews from customers on the product indicate that the product does not work is something to consider seriously however, the claims about the poor customer service and the inability to cancel membership or obtain refunds of unused products despite guarantees is even more disturbing. There are a number of reviews on the product which indicates that customer service is unresponsive to refund requests and unresponsive to cancellation requests. Other reviews indicate that customer service is rude and requests to escalate to a supervisor are met with little or no results and in some cases result in being hung up on.

More disturbing are the lack of positive reviews. There are no testimonials listed on the site, which praise the product working. A quick search will produce a number of negatively slanted results almost instead of sites, which praise the product or sell it. This alone should indicate that there are a high number of highly negative reviews about this particular product and should indicate that the product is probably significantly less than it seems.

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There are also indications from reviews that cancellation attempts are often ignored for several attempts earning a huge bill on credit cards which later can not be refunded due to a lack of response from refund requests, even after sending the product back. There is also claims that while the trial is 7 days you must cancel your request within 5 days of ordering not receiving. Which means most people are going to end up charged before they even receive the product. This has in turn increased the number of negative reviews regarding Extenze.

There are no indications that the product is one that can do what it says it can in fact, most herbal supplements are not going to have great results when it comes to increasing size. They can be effective however for increasing libido and producing some of the same results as Viagra. Considering the reviews that have been issued in regards to Extenze it may be wise to consider seriously if this is the right product for you. According to reviews trying this product should be labeled at your own risk.

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Many have painted Extenze male enhancement as the savior to their bedroom concerns but is it really the answer? The truth about Extenze can best be uncovered by undergoing a process of thorough review of the ingredients and processing procedure.

First and foremost, it is important to know that Extenze contains laboratory standardized herbal extracts that are rich in tribistol. If you have done any research on male enhancement you would know that tribistol has scientifically demonstrated repeatedly to be an increaser of the lutenizing hormone in males. What does this mean for Extenze male enhancement you ask? Well, this specific hormone has been shown to raise levels of testosterone in males.

It should also be noted that tribistol has been a staple of Chinese medicine for years, so if you had any concerns about the safety of Extenze, that certainly can assuage some fears. It was used by the Chinese to treat a wide range of performance related issues, most notably being a low libido or erections that just weren't up to par.

Another important ingredient in Extenze is Korean Ginseng which is a naturally occurring plant. Remember, the most benefits from Extenze male enhancement have largely been attributed to its natural elements and not some over processed chemicals. Korean Ginseng specifically has been linked to increasing sex drive out of this world. Even if you are already well endowed, you would be hard pressed to find a true man that would turn down desirable outcomes such as these.

If you are making any serious consideration in regards to Extenze male enhancement, it would be worth your while to know that scientific studies have continually shown length and width increases make a significant difference in sexual pleasure. That doesn't just go for the man either. More and more women are reporting this fact

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Now that you know the truth about Extenze you can save yourself time and money by avoiding these so called penis enlargement pills.

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