In Memory of Ellie Armstrong

Ellie was my best friend. We met freshman year at ODU, having recently become suite-mates at Gresham Main Hall. I am a sometimes painstakingly shy, especially in new situations, but Ellie walked right up to me and asked me how I was. Within an hour I already felt like I could share anything with Ellie and not be judged, that I had found a true friend in the midst of many less genuine people I had met in college.

I was not the exception though. Ellie was that way around everyone. That very night we went downstairs to hang out with two guys who she had already met and made friends with in the day that we had been on campus. A few weeks later, Ellie decided that she wanted to be known as the "High-Five Girl" on campus. She would stop long-boarders, and ask everyone hanging out in front of Webb to give her five. Soon everyone was eager to run up to Ellie and give her a high-five. She would have done even more if she could have just to make someone smile. Ellie and I shared countless lunches with random students that were sitting alone. She would easily walk up, ask them if the seat was taken, and spend the next 30 mins asking them all sorts of questions about themselves. I could share many more stories, but really they all come back to her genuine, friendly nature, and her smile. That's what I will miss most about her. Her constant smile, and selflessness. 

I will share one more story though. While Ellie was moving in to Gresham, she found a baby squirrel, injured without its mother. She called SPCA and held the baby squirrel for an hour or so while waiting for them to come, earning the nick name "Squirrel Girl". For as many times as we stopped and high-fived people we also stopped and petted dogs, even bunny rabbits one time. For as much as Ellie loved people, she also loved animals. Last Wednesday, May 13th would have been Ellie's 23rd birthday. Please help me remember her, and honor her love of people and animals by helping me raise money for the SPCA, in her name. I think that is probably the greatest birthday present we could give her. 

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this. Even if you cannot contribute, please take with you Ellie's selflessness and smile. Remember to think about others, to make others smile, even in the slightest way. Every bit of love, acceptance, and happiness we can generate in the world is worth it. 

I love you Ellie, you are missed each and every single day.

About the ASPCA: Fighting for animals is a 24/7 job, but your commitment makes it possible for our life-saving programs to create happy endings for those innocent lives touched by cruelty. Every single day of the year, we are rescuing animals from neglect and suffering. With your support, we are able to rescue animals from dog fighting, cockfighting, and puppy mills, work to end animal homelessness and farm animal cruelty, and provide medical care for countless pets in need. Please help us save even more animals and donate to this Team ASPCA campaign today.

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