CBD for dogs: discover how to calm your pet's anxiety and stress

Cannabidiol has become a very popular treatment for its potential to treat a wide spectrum of health problems.

Today I am going to tell you why CBD for dogs is very effective in relieving various forms of anxiety and stress. This medicinal cannabinoid can become your best ally to improve the quality of life of your furry friend. 

Our canine friends can experience a considerable variety of emotions. And like us, they can suffer from anxiety when exposed to certain external and internal circumstances. 

Dogs are very sensitive to stimuli. Feeling away from you for long periods, a move, a trip, visits to the vet, the arrival of a new member of the family ... These are just some of the situations that can provoke an anxious response from your pet.

The CBD dog is becoming a natural therapy is increasingly used to treat anxiety. 

Is this state common in animals? How is it possible to recognize the symptoms in order to help your pet? Keep reading, because you will discover the answers to these questions and more importantly, how to combat anxiety with CBD.

How to Identify Signs of Stress in Your Pet

Yes, your pet can also get stressed, and unfortunately, it is more common than you imagine. In addition to the fact that each pet has its own particular temperament.

There are very nervous dogs that bark at any unforeseen noise, jump and find it difficult to regain their calm. However, there are others that peace invades them and there is no sound, no living being, or a situation that disturbs them too much. In short, it is common for animals to suffer from anxiety but it affects some more than others.

There are dogs that get nervous due to their personality, and others that express their anxiety in response to external stimuli or changes in the environment. Chances are if you live in a city, your furry friend is showing more signs of stress. If you are an itinerant person, who moves frequently or changes location, it is very likely that your pet suffers from more anxiety than normal.

That said, it is important that you know that stress and anxiety manifest differently in each animal.

In dogs, it is enough to observe their eyes to detect their state of anxiety or nervousness. When the eyelids are raised a lot and show the white part, it can be a sign of stress. If you see this area when they look to the sides, it can also be a symptom. 

The ears of dogs are also very expressive and will help you know their mental state. If a sound puts them on alert, their ears may stiffen, but they may also sit low and back. In both cases, they can be a reflection of anxiety. I recommend that you look at your pet and know her body language, in order to easily identify this disorder.

If your dog shows his teeth, one of the reasons may be anxiety. It is usually the moment before a growl and this implies that your pet is in a defensive position because it perceives danger.

Another sign that can mean that your dog is suffering from stress is his vocal behavior. If he changes and becomes more active, something happens to your little friend. He may start to growl, bark, cry, whine, or gasp as a sign of nervousness. 

There are more manifestations of tension and anxiety, with bodily symptoms such as hair loss, muscle stiffness, excessive salivation, yawning, tremors, chills, and itching.

All these signs can make an appearance in situations as diverse as a visit to the vet, a walk in the park, meeting other animals, overstimulation, and any new environment. 

CBD for dogs: natural treatment against stress and anxiety

Cannabidiol is a compound found in the cannabis plant, it belongs to the group of natural chemicals called "cannabinoids". CBD is not psychoactive, and what's more, it counteracts the psychoactive effects of the cannabinoid THC.

 This system regulates other systems (forgive the redundancy) of the body and therefore, CBD can cause wide and deep effects. Scientific studies have been carried out in animal subjects, which have shown that cannabidiol works as an anxiolytic, that is, it helps to reduce the signs of anxiety. 

Given the seen, CBD for dogs can be the ideal solution to keep your partner calm and calm in stressful situations, or it can even be a daily health supplement. 

How to choose CBD for your dog

There are various presentations of CBD on the market, with a greater or lesser degree of concentration. So since your pet won't be able to tell you what she's feeling, it's important to take certain precautions.

Picking the right one is tricky. The most relevant thing is to know that it does not have toxicity, so your pet will not suffer an overdose (as long as it does not contain tetrahydrocannabinol, that is, THC). The benefits of its intake increase as CBD accumulates in the body. 

I want to place special emphasis on THC, since it has a more powerful effect in animals than in humans, and can put their health at risk. This compound produces psychoactive effects, permanently damages the liver, and could kill your pet. 

I emphasize this point so that when you buy CBD it is WITHOUT THC, from industrial hemp and not from marijuana or narcotic cannabis.

To be able to compare products, it is advisable to find out the potency and quality by asking for the results of laboratory tests carried out in accredited facilities. The best CBD oils for dogs are extracted naturally, ideally by supercritical CO2 extraction without the use of chemical-based gases. 

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