Good nutrition is the key to maintaining your pet's health. This can be achieved by understanding the needs of the animal according to its species, age, gender and always taking into account its previous pathologies. Pet nutritionists develop better food products for pets and educate pet owners about the nutritional needs of their pets.

Food is one of the fundamental aspects when having an animal, because if it is done well it is an investment in its long-term health. An adequate intake of calories and vitamins, proteins and carbohydrates strengthens the animal's immune system among many other benefits.

Still, do you know what the specific requirements of your pet are? Do you know the nutritional differences within the same species by age or sex? All these issues need to be resolved to provide the perfect diet for the animal. That is why here we show you the different benefits of good nutrition for your pet.

A good diet is the key to well-being

As with humans, food, water and sleep are the basic pillars of both physical and emotional well-being. With animals this is no different. Next, we show you various concepts that must be taken into account when feeding the pet.

Food is the foundation of health. A healthy pet requires fewer visits to the vet for problems that require medical attention.

Each species needs a type of diet

Each animal species needs a specific type of diet and it is not enough to know that an animal is a carnivore, omnivore or herbivore. Many times a pet, especially an exotic one, becomes ill because it is not taking all the nutrients it needs.

For example, the guinea pigs need a supply of vitamin C as a supplement in your diet. Many reptiles also require calcium and vitamin D3 as powders in their prey, something that many guardians overlook when feeding them.

Nutrition can benefit your sick pet

There are many diseases that require dietary management to delay their progression or treat the disease itself. For example, to avoid gaining weight in diabetic dogs or specialized feed for animals with kidney disease, allergies, food intolerances and other digestive problems.

Poor nutrition or an unbalanced diet based on leftovers, little variety or the abuse of fats can lead to health problems or worsen those already present in the animal.

Good nutrition reduces vet visits

Food is the foundation of health. A healthy pet requires fewer visits to the vet for problems that require medical attention.

Low-end feeds, such as those sold in the supermarket, enhance digestive pathologies, kidney problems and oral infections due to the accumulation of tartar due to its high concentration of minerals.

This does not mean that with a quality feed and a balanced diet a pet cannot develop diseases, as there are other determining factors such as genetics, environment or racial predisposition that influence this aspect.

However, complete nutrition can benefit your pet by reducing the likelihood of disease . The first step to maintaining a proper immune system is to eat and hydrate well.

A type of diet for every age and size

The same animal, throughout its life, has different energy and nutrient requirements . The offspring need a more caloric and fat-rich diet to grow, pregnant and lactating females must take a greater supply of nutrients for the proper development of their offspring.

Adults, in contrast, require a complete diet appropriate to their size and senior pets require less energetic and sometimes specialized diets.

A balanced diet strengthens the immune system

A good diet, with varied ingredients and a suitable composition helps to strengthen the immune system, which is the main defense against disease.

Many of the compounds that make up the ingredients of the feed have antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer properties, which helps to maintain the body's proper functioning. The omega - 3 and omega - 6 are a good representation of these properties as beneficial.

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