Bluechew Reviews | Read This Review Before You Buy! (updated)

Bluechew Reviews | Read This Review Before You Buy! (updated)

Bluechew is a company that provides male enhancement and helps erectile dysfunction which its product blue chew, a name that is easy to remember and is memorable. While only a few years old, bluechew is dedicated to helping men in the bedroom through supplements that are medically tested and safe which allow you to perform better.

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A quick aside, for those who do not know, erectile dysfunction is when a man cannot keep his penis erect or cannot perform sexual intercourse with their partner. There are many reasons one can get ED including age, mental health, disease and many other factors. Sometimes all you need to do is find if there is an underlying cause and see your doctor to fix it. Other times you need help from something like blue chew.

Products like bluechew work by improving your overall body’s overall blood flow and redirecting to your penis so you can stay erect longer and perform better. One of the best things about blue chew is that is comes in a chew able tablet which means it digests and activates faster meaning you can begin to have fun with your partner and get down while you're both still in the mood.

Since bluechew is a prescription enhancer it can work better than others of its kind and it is recommended that you see a medical professional before purchasing. However, you do not need to see your doctor, as blue chew has medical staff which can inform you of the exact specifications of bluechew and can warn you against any possible side effects. They are also authorized to provide you with a prescription for blue chew.

Bluechew is convenient and easy on your wallet depending on which prescription plan you want. They have different plans with different amounts of bluechew depending on your schedule and life and they include fun titles like Active, Busy and Popular. Of course like most products if you're not satisfied, although both you and your partner should be, there is a 30 day money back guarantee. And every plan comes with an extra benefit of free online physician consultations.

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Customer Reviews

Customer reviews for blue chew are overwhelming positive. Places like provide informational descriptions of the pill on how it works and why it’s better than other leading brands. They also reassure you that the pill is safe because of the ingredients used and recommend it for any man to use.

Other websites like and are happy with the diminished risks because you need a prescription for it and the fact that deliver is fast and easy, as well as the time it takes to get ready. They also tell of how much pleasure both them and their partner receive from bluechew.

Places like regarded the ingredients and how they work well to make sure that men are safe and happy with the product.

Side Effects

Since blue chew is a prescription there are some side effects that men may want to be on the lookout for.

  • Nasal Congestion: Because of the circulation of liquids you might get a stuffy nose, which isn’t life threatening, but mildly irritating.

  • Headaches and Dizziness: This is understandable as bluechew is powerful and increased blood flow can give you mild dizziness, but again nothing you should be too worried about.

  • Upset Stomach and Nausea: Every powerful pharmaceutical can hit the stomach hard so it may take your body time to adjust.

  • Memory Issues: While this is biggest side effect, it has only been reported by a small number of users.

  • Prolonged Erections: This is a side effect of male enhancement products. Sometimes it takes longer for the blood to leave your penis and you may have to consult your doctor to help fix the issue.

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Risk Factors

Along with side effects, there are risk factors you should be aware of before you take blue chew in case it can have adverse effects on your body.

Taking Nitrates

Our body produces nitrates naturally and also receives them from certain foods. If you have a high level of nitrates you shouldn’t take bluechew because they cancel each other out. One lowers and one elevates your nitrates. Taking both unbalance your blood flow which could lead to heart problems.

Taking It While Not Having Erectile Dysfunction

Medications should only be taken if you absolutely need them. Taking bluechew without having ED means you won’t benefit at all from the product. It could also unbalance your blood pressure which could lead to health problems or an unsightly erection that could last for hours longer than it would for someone who actually needs it.

Drug or Alcohol Abuse

Medications should never be taken with alcohol or if you do recreational drugs. The mixtures of each can be dangerous and can have adverse effects on your body including damaging your liver.

Certain Medications

Some medications can be less effective or harmful if taken with blue chew because of the ingredients present in both. Each medication comes with its own side effects and combining that with others can exacerbate them. It’s always a good idea to consult your doctor regarding these things.

Pre-Existing Conditions

There are certain health issues that could prevent you from being able to take bluechew or other enhancement products.


Always know the ingredients so you can know if you are at risk for an allergic reaction.

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Overall, blue chew is a good product for those who need a little help in the bedroom. Thanks to the need for a prescription, It’s not something you can get easily, which makes it safer and harder to abuse. That being said you don’t need to see your doctor to get it as the bluechew consultants can give a prescription. Plus, doctors and customers alike are impressed by blue chew and it comes recommended by many more. If you have erectile dysfunction and need products that can help, is easy to get, is cost effective and comes highly recommended, bluechew may be just the thing you need. We’d say goodnight, but we know you won’t be doing much sleeping.

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