Battle against stress

How easy sometimes people say the answer to the question, why do they look like a tired or discontented person: “I am under a lot of stress.” And then begins, as a rule, an enumeration of all the difficulties – from health problems to problems with work, problems in communicating with loved ones. And the person usually seems to believe that to be under a stress it’s something normal, inevitable, as the bad weather. Somehow, it is believed even normally that the business person is under stress.

And hardly anyone knows, how to control stress – so that business goes better and not to spoil relations with either employees or partners.

Stress, speaking the language of science, it’s physical, mental, emotional, and chemical reaction of the body to the external stimuli, something that scares, annoys, or threatens it. The human brain cannot tell a real threat from the seeming, so whenever the situation seems dangerous, the body reacts to it as to a real threat. The more hostile environment seems to the brain, the more time the body is in a state of combat readiness. Chronic stress is a result of a permanent combat readiness.

How to deal with stress? Many of us can find in them the symptoms of stress: impaired concentration, aggressiveness, anxiety without cause, insomnia, depression, constant oppressive feeling of guilt. As a result, people are forced to go see the doctor with a variety of complaints: headache, psoriasis, back pain, ulcers, colitis, hair loss, high blood pressure, heart disease and much, much more. The doctor, of course, prescribe sedative medication, which at best scenario will make the symptoms less pronounced (and we will not talk about adverse effects of such a treatment.

You ask, “Is it possible to control stress? better your health? recover lost energy? Get help with essay writing?”. Yes. It is. And it is even necessary if you really care about you.

There are some special conditions that allow you to adjust your emotional and physical state. The fact is – and it would be nice to always remember that – everything that happens in our heads, w hat we imagine and what we think affects our state, and this happens as if by itself, automatically, in addition to our consciousness. If we recall good things, we will experience good feelings, and if we recall an unpleasant event, or imagine it, we will experience an unpleasant feeling. So we can control stress by controlling our reaction to the external stimuli.

There are some exercise that help to control the reaction. You need to select an episode in you life, memories that cause unpleasant feelings, and imagine it as a sequence of images. These images are mentally invested in the album, the album is placed on the far shelf. And then you just have to imagine that the pictures fade to such an extent that the image disappears completely. This is simple – but very effective.

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