Anti-Anxiety Dog Beds for Your Pooch

Are you looking for a high-quality chew-proof dog bed for your furry friend?

Your pet deserves to sleep on a soft bed at night. A calming bed provides your pooch with a safe place in times of anxiety-like when you have a lot of people over at your house or when there’s a loud thunderstorm.

This blog post will talk about anti-anxiety dog beds in detail and share a few things about them.

So, let’s jump right in!

Let’s Look at the Types of Calming Dog Beds

According to canine experts like Meg Marrs from K9 of mine, there are three styles of calming beds that help reduce a dog’s anxiety:

  • Cave Style Beds: Cave style beds work like crates do--they cater to a dog’s instinct to seek shelter in a small, dark space when he’s anxious. These beds make your pooch feel safe in a small space and are extremely useful in calming your pooch.
  • Bolsters: These beds feature raised edges and are fantastic because your dog can lean on and curl up against the edge, making the dog feel safe as he sleeps.
  • Donut Dog Beds: These beds look like donuts and are excellent for dogs with chronic joint conditions. These come with raised edges that make your dog feel safe and comfortable, reducing his anxiety.

In this blog post, we’ll look at donut dog beds for your pooch.

The Best Anti-Anxiety Dog Bed

Donut dog beds are usually the best for your pooch as they come with raised edges that make your pooch feel safe while he’s in it. You should go for a calming bed that is made using premium eco-friendly materials, reducing your dog’s carbon footprint.

Donut dog beds are a great pick for your dog as they help with mobility and joint issues as well.

The best part? These beds come in various colors and sizes and match your decor while keeping your pooch’s comfort in mind. We recommend a High-quality Premium Anti Anxiety Dog Bed like the one offered by That Woof Store.


High-quality calming dog beds are chew-resistant--even if your pooch is an aggressive chewer. When anxious, some dogs take to chewing to calm themselves down. So, a good anti-anxiety bed needs to be one that doesn’t give too easily.

Anti-Skid Bottom

One of the biggest issues with dog beds is that they don’t have grips at the bottom. So, as your dog tries to get in and out of bed, it moves. This can be frustrating for your pooch--especially when he’s looking for comfort and safety.


The best calming dog bed is one that also keeps your dog feeling warm and comfortable. High-quality donut dog beds are self-warming and help your pooch stay toasty during the winter.

Light in Weight

Donut dog beds aren’t too bulky, which makes it easy to move from one spot to another. These are a great choice if your dog gets anxious during long car rides.

Easy to Wash

Donut dog beds are all the rage because they’re easy to wash--with some even being machine washable.

Good for Senior Dogs

Donut beds are excellent for dogs with joint and mobility issues. These come with a soft filling that provides your pooch with the cushioning he needs.

All in All: Anti-Anxiety Dog Beds for Your Pooch

Do you think your pooch needs an anti-anxiety dog bed?

Anti-anxiety dog beds are a great choice if your dog is sensitive to loud noises and anxiety in general. These beds provide your dog with a safe space--even when you aren’t at home.

Of course, they also have many other advantages.

Which one do you think is a right choice for your pet? Let us know in the comments.

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