Throughout history, we have seen presidents, celebrities, royalties, and millions of other people attest to the fact that a dog is a man's best friend. They have proven to be excellent companions and have served different roles for people, including helpers, protectors, and lifesavers.

The "man's best friend" phrase originated in 1870 in the American Supreme Court by a lawyer defending a man whose dog was killed by a neighbor for trespassing. The relationship between dogs and humans is old and deep for so many reasons, including:

People Form Healthy and Mutually Relationships with Dogs

Man, and dogs have been able to form unique, mutually beneficial relationships that work well for both parties. While we get company, loyalty, affection, and dedication from dogs, we also give them dog coats and winter apparel, love, food, shelter, and a safe place to spend their lives. The relationship presents a win-win outcome for both teams, hence why they love each other. We have managed to domesticate dogs to a point where they need us as much as we need them. Dogs are a lot more seen as family members than just pets.

They are Amazing Company

The phrase alone is a clear indication that dogs are fantastic company. They can mimic our emotions based on our body language and tone of voice. When you seem angry, your dog will start growling and barking at inanimate objects. When you are sad or feeling lonely, your dog will stare back at you with the most fantastic puppy eyes. You eventually get used to each other's emotions, which makes the company you want to have all the time. Sometimes, you will feel like your house is empty when they are not there. And when you come home from work, they are so excited to see you, which is the best feeling especially if you were having a hard day.

They Can be Beneficial to Our Health

Dog owners have been considered to have the best health overall due to their activity level to engage their dogs every day. Dogs require activity and physical exercise daily, so we have to take them out for regular walks or simply play catch. Dogs need to vent their energy to avoid excessive barking and uneasiness, which sometimes makes them intolerable and capable of running sacking the entire house. Women dog owners also claim that they get better sleep when they cuddle up with their canine companions instead of another human. This can therefore help people with insomnia to have better sleep, and a night of good sleep is optimum for overall good health.

They Protect Us and Love Us Unconditionally

Dogs have been used for years to protect livestock and peoples' homes. They can keep us safe, which makes them the best security guards. Some parents have even attested to the fact that dogs are the best babysitters because they protect your children as though they were their own.

Once a dog loves, they love forever. They love us unconditionally and with no pressure or judgment. This is a special thing for us because you know your dog will always have your bag even when things are falling apart in your life.

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