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VigRx Plus reviews are plastered all over the internet nowadays, with half of the "users&" claiming perfection and the other half screaming that VigRx Plus is a scam. For the average Joe looking to find real, honest VigRx Plus reviews - it's a nightmare. That's why VigRx Plus Reviews was created... to help clear away the confusion and bring you the truth about VigRx Plus pills - good or bad. Let's get started.


Here's the facts for 2021 (full year):

Manufacturer of VigRx Plus pills: Leading Edge Herbals

Better Business Bureau (BBB) rating: A-

Orders processed: Over 1.2 Million Boxes sold since 2007!

Complaints received in the last year: 0

VigRx Plus Reviews scores VigRx Plus positively in this category - with over 1.2 Million orders processed and not a single complaint filed with the Better Business Bureau.

When a company processes over 1.2 Million orders of a sexual enhancement product and doesn't receive a single complaint it usually means they have a high quality product. A substandard product, or a product that didn't deliver on what it promised, would be evident by a high number of complaints to the BBB. It is always the first place we at VigRx Plus Reviews check when looking for reliable information about a product or service.

Link  to BBB report for Leading Edge Marketing (aka Leading Edge Herbals)

*Data for orders processed was provided to VigRx Plus Reviews by Leading Edge Marketing upon request

==>>>> Check out the official VigRX Plus website and learn more about VigRx Plus ....

VigRx Plus Results:

  • Overall improvement in sexual health
  • Increased sperm density
  • Increased erection size in both width and length
  • Strengthening and toning effect on the sexual glands
  • Increase in blood circulation to the genitals
  • Support of the healthy production of sex hormones
  • Treatment of stressor and anxiety (adaptogens) with restorative nutrients for the nervous system
  • Increased testosterone levels
  • Increased stamina and sex drive through increased cardiovascular power and improved circulation
  • Outperformed main ingredient in Viagra and Cialis and proven to be safer (VigRx can be taken by men taking nitrates or alpha-blockers)

THE RESULTS ARE INThe FIRST EVER Clinical Study of VigRX Plus® With Real Men Is Now Complete And The Results Are Outstanding. In just 84 days, study participants saw a:

  • 58.97% INCREASE In Ability To Penetrate Partner
  • 71.43% INCREASE In Sexual & Intercourse Satisfaction
  • 47% INCREASE In Overall Sex Drive & Desire
  • 62.82 INCREASE in ability to maintain an erection
  • 22.49% INCREASE in frequency and quality of orgasms
  • 61% INCREASE in overall sexual desire

These results were derived from a clinical study conducted by Vedic Life Sciences from May to August of 2009. 75 men, ranging in age from 25 - 50 years old took part in a randomized double-blind study.

The study lasted 84 days and found that VigRx Plus significantly outperformed the placebo group and also outperformed the main ingredient (Sildenafil) in prescription ED medication like Viagra and Cialis. Furthermore, researchers stated that men taking nitrates or alpha-blockers, who are unable to take Viagra or Cialis, could safely take VigRx Plus to increase sexual stamina and desire.

Here's a quick breakdown of the results of the comparison between the VigRx Plus group and the placebo group: Clinical Study

VigRx Plus is the ONLY male enhancement to conduct a clinical study on the effectiveness of their pills. You will find a dozen other sites claiming to have clinical studies backing them up, but if you look closely, they have clinical studies backing up THEIR INGREDIENTS. In contrast, the clinical study that VigRx Plus conducted tested the effectiveness of the same pills, in the same dosage, that you would take if you bought VigRx Plus today. There is a HUGE difference between the two and knowing that difference will keep you from getting ripped off by a cheap imitators. gave VigRx Plus top marks in this category not only because they are the only company willing to put their product to the test, but also because their product came out of the study with extremely impressive results. For a product that comes out of an industry fraught with a "shady" image, VigRx Plus is not only transparent, they are not afraid to put their product to the test.

VigRx Plus Ingredients

Next, we studied the ten ingredients contained in the VigRx Plus formula. Don't underestimate the power of these ingredients - because not only are they powerful by themselves, VigRx Plus added a secret ingredient that supercharges the effectiveness of the other 9 ingredients.

==>>> See all the ingredients in VigRx Plus - Click here to visit VigRX Plus Official Site <<<==

The secret ingredient, Bioperine, is ONLY found in VigRx Plus - no other male enhancement pill contains it. Considering that Bioperine is largely responsible for the effectiveness of the VigRx Plus formula, VigRx Plus Reviews must again rate it positively.

Buy VigRx Plus

Are you ready to take the test and buy VigRx Plus? They offer a 67-day money back guarantee, which is second best in the industry. Another male enhancement pill, Volume Pills, actually offers the industry's best guarantee - 6 months - but at 67 days, VigRx Plus beats out nearly every other competitor by 7 days. You must try their pills for 60 days and then request a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) and ship it back to their processing center before the week is up. Not the easiest guarantee, but better than 99% of the competing products... we at VigRx Plus review give it 5 out of 5 stars.

==>>>> Check out the official VigRX Plus website and learn more about VigRx Plus ....

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