Tips for caring for a French Bulldog puppy

The French Bulldog is an active and intelligent dog that makes it a sociable, cheerful, playful and affable animal with children and adults. He is very affectionate with the members of his family, including the little ones, who for him are an inexhaustible source of games.

How to care for a French bulldog puppy Make your home a safe place for puppies. Puppies love to explore everything within their reach. Their curiosity about new objects, smells and textures forces them to touch and take to their little snouts everything they find (including their own stools). That's why to keep your puppy and your home safe, you will need to take some precautions.

  • Remove objects that can be broken, swallowed, or dirty from around your home. Especially from the area where you plan to keep your puppy. Think of a puppy as a "mini vacuum cleaner" that in a second can swallow any object that can be very harmful and dangerous for its health, even its life!
  • Keep all electrical cords elevated or covered and close all low windows.
  • Store cleaning supplies and other chemicals or toxic products very well.
  • Get a garbage can with a lid, which is very high to prevent you from accessing the garbage, climbing on it, or turning it over.
  • Consider having a mini playpen or grid to keep it out of dangerous rooms or areas.
  • Make sure everyone in your family wants to welcome “this” new member. And that they demonstrate it by assigning tasks to each one according to their age and abilities, in order to help take care of it and keep it in optimal condition.

Prepare a corner of your bedroom _the closest to your bed_, to put the puppy's bed there, his bowl of always fresh water, his paper needs, and where you will put his food bowl. Everything in a small area at first, so that during the first days of the puppy at home he feels as safe as possible. As the days go by, this space will be enlarged as the puppy explores and gains confidence in this new environment that, finally, will come to consider his new home for himself. (Also read:  the puppy's first night at home).

Toys and stuffed animals. Try to have toys suitable for puppies that do not break and cannot be swallowed. Since your puppy will need safe toys to chew on while his teeth grow and he changes the milk ones for the final ones (between 4 and 5 months). In addition, the stuffed animals will help you to provide a company as similar as possible to that of your mother and brothers. Something that will be essential especially during the first days of your arrival in your new home.

Along with all the physical and health care that you can give your puppy, the care you give him in his sentimental or "emotional" part is also very important. Since like any living being "thinking" and with "feelings", making your puppy feel accompanied, loved, pampered or fussed over, especially from his first day with you, will be essential for his proper care and development. Which will directly affect your physical and mental well-being! And it will help lay the foundations to begin to forge that wonderful relationship with his owner and other members of his family (“for him, his new pack”)!

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