The 6 Important Factors To Consider When Buying Dog Clothes

The Clothes is a very controversial issue. There are people who support it and many others who consider it a whim and even call it animal abuse.

So that you have all the necessary information, Necessities4pets present you a complete guide with everything you need to know about key factors before dog clothes. Necessities4pets is your best source for online pet supplies!. So, if you want to know more about this topic, don't hesitate to read on.

Before buying dog clothes, there are five basic purchasing criteria to consider, namely:

  • Fabrication material
  • Design
  • What time of year is the best to wear dog clothes? 
  • Washing instructions
  • Dog's age

Material of dog clothes

The materials that garments are made of are relevant for several reasons. First of all, there are the allergies that your dog may face, if the garment is not suitable.
This is a somewhat compromised point, because a priori we cannot know if our dog is allergic to any material, but we must observe if it has any reaction.
Another point to take into account is the rigidity of the material, and the time that our dog will wear it.
It may be the case that a jacket is made of too hard fabric and ends up causing abrasions and wounds. We have to assess all these points, take our time before deciding which garment to buy.


Among the comments of the users of dog clothes, we can find owners disgusted by the design of some clothes, which do not fit their dogs well.
A bad design can affect our mascot from several different aspects. The first is that it does not fit well and does not fulfill its function: for example, that a raincoat does not fit and falls, so that the dog ends up wet.
Another design error may be that a jacket does not have a hole to access the dog's collar and harness. So once it's on, we can't strap it on.

What time of year is the best to wear dog clothes? 

Dog clothes can be worn at any time of the year, according to some criteria of logic, we are not going to put a jacket on our dog in the middle of summer, a t-shirt will be better, don't you think?
The time of year when more dog clothes are sold and worn is during winter, and it makes all the logic in the world, since it is the season when it is most needed.
If you like your dog to be dressed, it is best to have dog clothing accessories that are suitable for the whole year, so you will put the right clothes for each season.

How and where to wash the dog's clothes?

Sooner or later, all your dog's accessories should be washed: collars, harnesses, toys, beds, blankets and of course, his clothes. Dogs are in direct contact with the ground and their hygiene is forced. It is logical that bacteria, all kinds of pathogens and allergens that can be harmful to your health, ours and our home , end up accumulating in your accessories .
All the accessories mentioned have their washing and cleaning instructions that accompany the product.

Many dog clothes, beds and blankets are machine washable, while some garments are made of wool or more delicate materials, which must be washed in cold water and by hand. It should be done with some of the detergents for dog clothes, which contain products that deodorize, sanitize and disinfect, taking care not to cause allergic effects to dogs.

Sturdy clothing

Dog clothes should be sturdy, designed to withstand his jerks, runs, and games.
We know that dogs, especially when they are puppies, develop overwhelming energy, not to mention that everything, everything, absolutely everything bites it.
It is important that the manufacturer has taken all these details into account and that the clothing has dog-resistant stitching and fabrics.
When they are puppies, it is convenient that their clothes are not within their reach, until it is time to put them on. You will prevent me from destroying them.

Your dog's age

Dogs, like any other living being, go through different stages of evolution: puppies, adults and later, the elderly.
Every era of your life requires choosing the right clothes, and I'm not talking about bolder designs or more garish colors, but clothes that are useful and practical.
When your dog is a puppy, we will have to look for comfortable and elastic clothes that can serve him while he grows and we do not have to change them too often. Once your dog is older, it may be that he needs clothes with thicker and warmer fabrics, which help him to better withstand changes in temperature.
In any case, whenever we buy clothes for our pet, we must take into account their age, morphology and preferences.

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