Surprised birthday party... boss's dog

One day in the middle of November 2020, following a close friend to attend his boss's house in Saigon, the writer was surprised when the character for this birthday was ... a dog that just turned 1. year old.

It turns out that raising dogs today is also very strange that many people have never known. And this kind of dog birthday party is only for a small number of people, most of them are bosses in responsible companies ... indefinitely, excess money, fat, have a habit of playing. unlike anyone, many people in society disagree... Russian bear hunting dog.

Must remember your boss's birthday ... dog

A close friend named Thang, who is the regional manager of KH Co., said that today the director of the company celebrates his puppy's birthday, so he should invite all the staff in the company to attend so that I cannot be surprised. In front of nearly 60 guests, the boss's house was packed. There is a wreath "Happy birthday to LeVy 1 year old" sitting in front of the house.

Birthday party of a puppy

The party started, the boss hugged a Dobermann-like dog with a colorful "costume", full of necklaces, anklets ... He stood up solemnly to say the reason for the party today. instructs LeVy to blow up the candle stuck on a cake with the words "Happy Birthday LeVy 1 year".

Happy birthday applause and the tune of the song "Happy Birthday" rang out. After that, each guest came to pat LeVy with affectionate gestures and gestures and never forget to give gifts to this dog with envelopes in hand. Thang revealed in the envelope that he gave away with a new $ 200. "This is an opportunity to get gifts for the boss that should make the most of it," he added.

Bringing this "like no one" story to Mr. Trong V., the head of the sales department of SN Trading Joint Stock Company, immediately heard a cheerful laugh: "Oh, I thought something strange, birthday party. for dogs is normal, I still apply it myself ".

Mr. V. told the story of his company, every week, people with high positions in the company often organize a drink at the restaurant. And the "friend" that comes along is not the wife, nor the mistress, but that is the dog. All of them consider the dog to be the best friend, even as a "child" in the family, so they all love them. That is why the birthday celebration for that "child" is obvious.

"Usually on the birthday of any person, they organize and invite them to attend. But sometimes due to unexpected reasons, when they go on a business trip, they cannot organize, the staff in the company also send congratulations. and gifts ", then Mr. V. was jolted:" His Bulldog dog Xali Q. The director of the company was born on May 20, Mr. H.'s son Yorkchire was born on April 4. ... ".

According to him, not only him, but almost all employees in the company remember like printing the birthdays of the boss dogs "to congratulate the birthday, give gifts, not do. vexed the boss ". The reason for remembering each birthday like that is because in addition to Mr. V. staying in the phone reminder function, every week drinking together will be "smartly reminded": "The birthday is coming" I have it ". In particular, when the birthday party of a certain dog's birthday party, the others also bring their dogs to the party, so Mr. V. said: "It is strange to not remember.

Thang said that in his company, apart from the director who often celebrates dog birthdays, two deputy directors and four department heads also invite parties for the same reason. Thang added that a deputy director who has up to 3 dogs, every dog ​​has the privilege of celebrating his birthday and I always have invitations to attend.

Mr. V. does not hesitate to say that, because his position is just a sales manager, every birthday party, only about a dozen people in the same room attend, but when the big boss "kindly" invites a birthday for The puppy has nearly hundred people in the whole company.

"Trends" racing demanding

According to Mr. V., raising dogs and treating dogs as a family member has been a "trendy trend" for many people, especially among the giants and high-ranking people in many companies. It's not uncommon to celebrate dog birthdays. To own those "darling", they spent a lot of money, even drove cars to many provinces to find and buy dogs for tens of millions of dong per dog. That is why they are very affectionate and pampering for dogs, as if they were little ones.

"Most people who play dogs like this have the same idea: I can eat erratically, skip meals, but dogs must eat well every day; Dogs must be in a private room, bathed with shower gel daily; to regularly take dogs for health checks, when detecting symptoms of illness, they must go to a doctor immediately and especially always wear beautiful "suits" and wear stylish jewelry ", said Mr. V. . Therefore, recently he did not hesitate to spend 1/3 of his salary to "beautify" his dog VietDog.

According to our research, currently in Ho Chi Minh City alone, there are nearly hundred dog hospitals with inpatient areas, very decent clinics and operating rooms. In addition, there are a series of beauty salons specializing in dog beauty with a full range of services: Cosmetic ear cutting; eyelid repair; tail surgery; ear lifting; parasite remover; hair and toenail trimming with prices ranging from 200,000 VND to 2 million VND depending on the stage. A beautiful "dog" for a dog has to pay 5 - 7 million VND, "said a technician at a dog salon on Nguyen Bieu Street (District 5).

At this salon, Mr. LT, director of TNX auditing company (at Nguyen Van Thu street, Dakao ward, district 1, Ho Chi Minh City) just asked about his Chihuahua-like dog. Get ... acne for dogs. "Lately I don't understand how it (Mr. LT-NV's dog) has a lot of pimples on his eyelids, which makes him lose his beauty. Seeing those pimples makes it teary so I feel so sorry to give him. come here to get rid of acne, "said LT.

Mr. L.T also said that he hired a "zookeeper" with a salary of 1 million VND per month with the job: keeping the dog eating time, taking the dog for a cool walk so that the dog does not get stressed. And Mr. V. is so fond of dogs that every day when he goes to work, he takes his dog to the dog hospital for help, and he drives back to pick up his car in the afternoon.

We were not surprised to be told by a giant dog playing dog, house on Phan Xich Long street (Phu Nhuan district) about the life of Pincher deer of his family: "Often brought to the hospital to have To ensure health, get a monthly X-ray to miss a stone in the bladder or kidney, have to be removed, in addition it is also tested for blood, urine, feces, skin. a runny nose, I immediately moved to the clinic; seeing it drowsiness, anorexia, rushed to inject drugs, fluids; Seeing it could not go, had to immediately transfer to acupuncture, I also took him to get tartar. monthly laser technique ".

Mr. Tran Viet Cuong, Deputy Director of Cuong Nhat Co., Ltd. (February 3, District 10): "Stories like a dog birthday party are not strange anymore. But if I were invited to attend one I must be embarrassed to have a dog birthday party like that? The reason for the appearance of more and more dog birthday parties is because of self-interest, borrowing dogs for work. tools to make money of some powerful people, in other words, they are getting rich from dogs.

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