What You Need to Know About the Shih Tzu Dog Breed

The Shih Tzu is a stubborn rascal, who with his big eyes and soft coat conquers the hearts of all pet lovers. The pet looks very cute, but is in fact very naughty. This makes the sweet dog extra nice to have at home. It is important to know that this breed is certainly not a boring pet. The dog is very spunky, but with the right upbringing and approach definitely a friend for life. A Shih Tzu can live up to 18 years old.

Are you wondering if the cute and sassy Shih Tzu is for you? Then read on quickly, because on this article you can read more about Shih Tzu Mixes breed.

External characteristics

The Shih Tzu is an active dog with a good coat. The breed's head is round and broad. The Shih Tzu has large and round eyes, which are almost always a dark color. The long ears of the creature hang along the round and wide head. Because of the long and thick hair on the ears, it seems as if they pass directly into the neck.

The Shih Tzu is small and has a height of up to 26.7 inches. The pet has short legs. The breed's legs are very muscular. The pet has a deep and wide chest. The breed's back is straight and descends steeply. Here the back ends in a short hind quarters with a small tail.

This breed's coat should not curl. The coat can, however, wave slightly. Indeed, most dogs have a slight wave in the coat. All colors are allowed with this breed. This means that a Shih Tzu can have many different colors.


A Shih Tzu is intelligent. This means that the dog learns tricks quickly, if the four-legged friend feels like it… The pet is very stubborn and just does what he wants. You can call the Shih Tzu a bit arrogant. However, the pet is very friendly. Not only to other people, but also to other pets. The pet is very affectionate with the owner and the rest of the family. With a Shih Tzu you can therefore cuddle wonderfully. The pet also prefers to go everywhere . To the park, to the playground, to the shop, to a visit… The Shih Tzu doesn't want to miss a thing!

The little creature is good with children. Still, it is not wise to leave this pet alone with young children. If the dog is treated roughly, this can lead to unpleasant situations. In addition, the Shih Tzu must be properly educated. Children are not the best educators, so take care of the education yourself. With the right approach - very calm and clear - you can build a strong bond with the four-legged friend.


This breed has a long coat. This coat needs daily grooming . You take care of the Shih Tzu's coat by combing the hair every day. Loose hair, tangles and dirt are removed from the coat. Good to know: the Shih Tzu hardly sheds. Certainly not if you brush the coat every day. Do you want your Shih Tzu's coat to be a bit more maintenance-friendly? Then go to the groomer three to four times a year. If you go to the dog grooming salon regularly, you will have to brush less often yourself.

It is also wise to trim the dog's hair. This way, the eyes remain free. Do you find it a bit exciting to trim the hair? Then you can also tie it up. You just do this with a rubber band.

Finally, check the Shih Tzu's ears for loose picks every week. These must not grow into the ear canal and must therefore be shaved. Can't you do this yourself? Then go to a grooming salon.


The Shih Tzu is an active little dog. The pet loves to cuddle, but does need an active and varied life. This breed loves taking long walks and playing wild. The pet may be small, but it can certainly take a beating. Although of course you shouldn't go too far. Even if the dog is playing with larger dogs, this can be a bit wilder. Always keep an eye on play, because the small Shih Tzu should not be overrun by larger dogs.

As mentioned earlier, the dog is very intelligent. You do have to keep coming up with fun tricks and games for the four-legged friend, because a Shih Tzu gets bored quickly. Doing the same tricks and games all the time is not spent on this stubborn little creature.

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