Puffy Mattress Review 2021

At the moment Puffy Mattress is having a sale we're you get $ 300 off any mattress, plus a free pillow! So if you click the link below, the coupon will be activated for you!

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You'll, be able to use that on their website and possibly after the fourth of July, if you click that link whatever available coupon there is, will be available to you using that link. So I just want to talk about a few things that I like about the puffy mattress, why I decided to go with it and pretty much why I think you should go with it.

I've, never been a person to invest in like a bit like I have since I left my mom's house I've, slept on mostly air mattresses and couches and stuff, because I moved around and traveled a Lot that's been very taxing on my body, but at the time I didn't know, but recently I moved in with my girlfriend and she decided that we should get a bed together so that's kind of The first time that I ever thought about even doing so because I realized how ridiculous it would be.

You know for us to sleep on my air, mattress or stuff, like that, so decides to think about looking at it to getting a bit, and I'd, be seeing like videos or commercials on youtuber stuff, like about the purple mattress, and I think The other one was the Casper.

Those were the other ones we were looking at, but I decided to go with the puffy for two reasons. The main one is the 101 day guarantee because I'm very skeptical, like I said I've, never really bought a bed.

Didn't think it was important or any that type of stuff, and then the other reason was because I saw a bunch of people on in the reviews that were side, sleepers, saying that they were waking up without any more shoulder pain and that They weren't experiencing hip pain and stuff.

Like I said, I move around a lot. I tried with a lot and that just sitting in a car seat for 10 hours at a time sometimes is really one of my hips. So I can. I can only sleep about 1020 minutes at a time on my hip, so that that keep it consistently wakes me up throughout the night.

On top of that, my girlfriend goes to the bathroom about 2 or 3 times a night, so that consistently wakes me up throughout the night. So it's been a while, since I've been able to get a just a like a sound night's sleep, so I we usually sleep around 4 hours.

I usually wake up around 3 o'clock and just be up the rest of the night, but won't when we finally got this, which was easy to unpack and setup and stuff, you just break down the box roll out. The mattress and you got the mattress no like chemical smell, that I was kind of anticipating because, like I've had memory foam toppers before and they've had like a chemical smell that took a long time to go away.

But this didn't have any type of smell, but basically says that it would take around 30 days to break the mattress in. But I didn't find that to be the case. I slept peacefully the first night and the second night over the second the next morning.

I realized that I didn't, wake up from tossing and turning because of hip pain and also recognize that I didn't wake up because my girlfriend getting in and out a bit - and I will also woke up and rule it, Which is like the the first time that has happened to me in a very long time.

Normally that only happens if I was too late, because I told you I sleep stuck ballin like air mattresses couches, so that would normally only happen if, like I was sleeping at a hotel for like a weekend or something like that, I would get out wake up.

Maybe drool in there but yeah I didn't, wake up from her from me rolling around or from her getting out of bed and my shoulders weren't stiff, like they normally are like. Normally. When I wake up in the morning, I have to crack my sternum, like I have to do.

You know push my chest out and crack my sternum because from laying on my side, my chest caves in and it says, and gets really just tight and what does the stiff basically gets really stiff? I didn't experience that at all no shoulder pain, didn't have to get up, and I roll my shoulders because they were so stiff and achy.

None of that just woke up feeling regular, and it was very weird I'm still waiting for that feeling to wear off, but it hasn't yet so here to me the matches work except, I think it's. Very much worth it I don't, wake up from being overheated anymore.

That was something you know you wake up in the middle and I have to throw the covers off for you somehow this thing is able to breathe. So I appreciate that as well and I'm. It's. Just been a great investment to me.

It's. It's like diet, exercise and deny invested in my bed pretty much it's like just another aspect of its taking care of my health or personal care, that's. How that's kind of how I look at it so yeah I'm gonna stop rambling now and that's.

Basically, what I liked about it - and I thought that that was worth sharing don't - maybe inform someone else on making their decision. So thank you guys. There's, a link below this video. Like I said, you click that link it'll, take it to the website and you'll, be able to use the 4th of July coupon or whatever coupon is current at the time.

Click here to activate your $300 off coupon: http://reviewhutch.com/goto/puffy-mattress-discount-link/

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