Labrador retriever: Everything You Have to Know and Features

The Labrador retriever is a dog that is considered medium in size since it weighs between 25 and 31 kilos, being friendly and of a jovial and talkative character with an innate intelligence that makes them easily accessible to be able to provide the necessary training.

It is very friendly, ideal for growing up with children since apart from all this, it adores them in addition to taking care of them since they are small, so it is a very familiar pet , ideal to have it at home with a large garden due to its size, but also in flats if they walk them daily.

Apart from all this they are energetic so they need to take long walks every day so that they use up the energy they have in excess, since that makes them nervous and if they are left alone for a long time they can cause great damage in the place where they are find.

They have a reputation for being destructive, but if they are taught from a young age not to do this they can be the best friends you can have since their feelings make them be kind, tender and capable of being what you teach them with total security for their great intelligence and dedication.

A look at the character of the Labrador retriever

The Labrador retriever  is docile in character, although it reaches maturity at an early age, which makes it a serious and responsible dog that despite playing, running and jumping, always remains focused on walking with its owners and on seeking to be useful in any job.

Despite reaching its normal size at one year of age, it continues to gain weight that takes it to 31 kilos, so it should not be allowed to gain more weight from there so that it does not become an obese dog with little energy to perform various activities.

Despite beliefs, it is an active dog that is constantly on the move, and does not tend to drool like so many others that leave everything around it wet or what they touch, and it is not a dog with a tendency to snore and disturb its owners too much.

He does not usually bark a lot either and is usually running and having fun without actually digging to hide his bones or to drain energy because he is not struck by the fact that he is not considered an aggressive dog either with his family or with other dogs.

Physical characteristics of the Labrador retriever

As stated earlier the Labrador retriever is a dog of medium size and not redundaremos in weight, but has a short, smooth coat and dense though touch can be very smooth in addition to being colored chocolate, yellow or black or some stains of those colors.

To bathe it, you can do it once a week and thus keep it clean. Also, don't forget another essential aspect next to the bathroom, such as brushing. You will have your dog's hair beautiful by brushing it twice a week so that it is always neat and does not end up leaving hair all over the furniture or the house.

They are robust, that is to say that they have quite a few muscles, especially in the pectorals, which gives them a quite corpulent appearance, in addition to being strong, they can reach between 55 to 65 centimeters, although they tend to scare people who see them larger.

Due to this constitution, despite this, many people tend to have them as pets since it captures attention due to the huge head they have as well as being always next to their owners, which gives them an air of responsibility. Are you thinking of having one?

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