Invest In Your Pets With The NOAH Pet Water Fountain

ROCKVILLE, Md. -- As the summer months heat up, pet-parents everywhere are worried about their furry friends getting enough to drink. The constant maintenance necessary to fill your beloved pet's bowl after every panting walk or trip outside, has become increasingly more difficult, especially when you want to makes sure what they're drinking is actually hydrating and healthy. DogCare's newest product, the NOAH Pet Water Fountain is here to quench every pet owner's worries.

Noah, along with is infamous arch, once rescued the animals. Cats and dogs rarely like drinking water from typical bowls. Like us, they prefer drinking from clean, flowing water. The NOAH Pet Water Fountain recovers the sense of gentle flowing stream, awakens your pet's drinking instinct, rejuvenating your cats and dogs for a more fun-filled bonding with their owners.

The NOAH pet water fountain circulates fresh, filtered water through two drinking areas, specifically designed to accommodate the preferences of both cats and dogs.

How It Works

The Noah Pet Water Fountain creates the effect of a fresh flowing stream-- the kind of place animals would seek out to drink from in nature. This means the fountain activates your pet's natural hydration instinct and stimulates them to drink more often.

A pet's health is every owner's number one priority

The fountain has a three-channel independent filtration system that works using "slow permeation" technology, so that pet parents can always be confident that their cat or dog's drinking water is free from any contamination, impurities, or harmful ions that can affect a pet's health and digestion. The Water Fountain's 360-degree self-cleaning feature is designed to instantly flush away fur and other debris from the drinking zone. Traditional water bowls sit out collecting dust and impurities from the air and quickly fill up with fur and other debris from your pets' use.

All you have to do it change the filter every few months to keep the filter system functioning.

The NOAH Pet Water Fountain vs. Its Competitors

·      Water Depth: The NOAH pet water fountain has a 2.4-inch water depth, which is a much larger depth compared a typical .9inch depth water depth.

·      Noise: The NOAH pet water fountain is virtually silent with 54.4dB compared to 58db and 60db of other fountains. The subtle, nearly silent hum will be a great, non-invasive product for your home

·      Capacity: With a 2.5L capacity compared to a typical 1.5L capacity, the NOAH water fountain maximizes space rivalling other brands

·      Safety: The NOAH water fountain will stop working when water level is low to avoid short circuiting while other fountains will overheat without warning

·      Flash: The NOAH water fountain will flash to the filter after 5-6 seconds while other fountains never flash or notify

·      Filter: The sleek 3-filter system is especially elite compared to other fountains 1 to 2 filters on other products.

Health may be the biggest appeal of the Noah Water Fountain, but it's hard to argue with its convenience. Between its self-cleaning design, easy disassembly for storage and transport, and its low center of gravity and flat design that make it nearly impossible to knock over. The fountain has a safe, low volt (5V) charger and disassembles in seconds for easy storage and transport.

The Noah Pet Water Fountain retails for $69.99 and is available 

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