How to clean your dogs teeth

Looking after your dogs dental needs is vital to keep your pets gums and teeth healthy . It is important to start your dogs dental routine as early as possible .When they are young or a puppy this will give your dog a chance to become accustomed to dog toothpaste and the cleaning process ,never use toothpaste for humans .

The type of toothbrush used to clean your dogs teeth should be a soft tooth brush as your dogs gums are sensitive just as our own are .The teeth need to be cleaned in a up and down motion with importance paid that no food remains stuck in there teeth .

There are many tooth brushes available to buy specially designed for dogs .Do not give your dog a tooth paste for humans. There are a large variety of pet safe tooth pastes available to buy which are tested and safe for use with dogs . It is recommended to brush your dogs teeth after each meal. This is the best way to stop the build up off tarter and plaque which can cause disease and bad health.

It is recommended to bring your dog for a full dental checkup at least  once a year . Certain breeds of dogs are more prone to dental diseases than others , but with a good dental hygene practice in place you can keep your dog in optimal health and save paying massive bills in the future for expensive dental treatments. Signs of dental problems may  include tartar build up on the teeth the gums may be red and swollen ,if the dog has bad breath this can be a sign of a underlying medical condition and you should bring the dog to a vet for a check up.

There are many new products available to help keep your dogs teeth and gums in good condition such as dental sprays and dog toys designed to clean the dogs teeth while they chew and play with dog toys. To help remove plaque it is important to give your dog dental treats and dental toys . It is important to mix the dental treats and toys with real bones for the dog to chew on .With a mixed diet too much soft food can stick to the teeth and cause weakness in the gums and future dental problems.

Coconut oil contains lauric acid which if rubbed on the the dogs teeth can help clean the teeth and reduce bad breath , a good way to get puppies and young dogs used to coconut oil is to give the puppy a bone or chew toy that has some coconut oil brushed onto it to allow them get used to the taste . Some dogs are adopted from sanctuaries and may never had there teeth cleaned before .This can be difficult for the dog and the new owner as the dog never had a cleaning routine . There are a few ways to clean the dogs teeth without a tooth brush ,you can use dental dog wipes which will be easier for the dog until it gets used to a tooth brush . There are a variety of dental dog wipes on the market which come in many flavours and this is a great way to clean the teeth and begin a  dental routine for your pet.

Bones sourced at a local butcher are a great way to clean a dogs teeth as chewing on the hard surface helps remove plaque and tartar on the teeth. Raw bones are safer on the dogs teeth than cooked bones which become harder when cooked which can damage your dogs teeth so it is recommended to use uncooked bones. There are a variety of food supplements available for dog dental hygiene  which are easy to use but must be used in conjunction with correct brushing after each meal . If you dont want to use real bones dog chews are a great alternative  to help maintain good dental hygiene . They work by letting the dog have something to chew on and at the same time it helps remove tarter and plaque. We hope at our tips will be of use to you and your dogs health.

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