How to choose a cat litter box and what to consider before buying one?

A litter box is as important for a cat as its feeder and its drinking bowl, since it relieves its physiological needs. For this reason, it must provide security, confidence and hygiene, as well as enough space to move and remove the sand to cover their excrement and urine. But, in addition, it offers us the possibility of avoiding bad smells inside the home. In this article i will discuss the premium flushable litter. To guarantee the hygiene and order that characterizes cats when relieving themselves, it is necessary to have a cat litter box and scoop for cat litter

Size: a litter box for adult cats is not the same as one for small cats. The length of the chosen one should be 1.5 times that of the jack so that it can turn, move and dig comfortably. If it is larger, you may feel insecure inside. Therefore, we must change the litter box as the animal grows.

Open or closed litter box: open litter boxes tend to be more popular with cats, but closed ones retain odors better and prevent sand and dust from getting out. Of course, they take up more space.

Height of the tray: it should be between 30 and 40 cm if it is an adult and between 10 and 15 cm if it is a puppy or an elderly cat.

Cleaning: Open litter trays and litter boxes are very easy to clean. However, the cutlery not so much. In this case, it is best to opt for self-cleaning litter boxes for cats, which have effective systems to collect the animal's waste.

Type of sand: for example, sandboxes with a grid are only valid for clumping sand since the others are squeezed through it. In addition, some require a certain minimum amount, so we must buy a high enough litter box.

The price of the litter box for cats: a litter tray or open litter box can cost us between 6 and 15 dollars. The value of a closed one can go up to $ 20-25 and that of a self-cleaning one to $ 25-35.

Best brands of litter boxes for cats : BPS, Rotho or Media Wave make litter boxes with excellent value for money.

Types of sandboxes

Litter trays for cats: these are simple litter trays made of easy-to-clean plastic. They are cheap litter boxes for cats and take up very little space. However, they are not recommended when there are babies or dogs at home since they can put their hands or their snout inside if we are not attentive. An open cat litter box is also more prone to smelly and needs to be cleaned quite often.

Covered litter boxes for cats: these are closed rooms with a front door through which the cat enters to relieve itself. They take up more space and are more difficult to clean than the previous ones, but cats feel safer inside and prevent odors from escaping outside.

Disposable litter boxes for cats: they are ideal if we have no choice but to travel with our cat or we are going to take it on vacation. They are generally made of cardboard and can only be used once or for a maximum of one day.

Automatic cat litter boxes: Also called smart litter boxes or self-cleaning litter boxes for cats. They have filtering mechanisms that separate the sand from the animal's waste so that we only have to collect it and throw it away. They can have carbon filters to prevent bad odors. Without a doubt, they are the recommended sandboxes for people who spend little time at home.

Foldable cat litter boxes: like the disposable ones, they are designed to take on a trip as they can be quickly assembled and disassembled so they do not take up space. Doing this indoors is not advised.

Double cat litter boxes: offer enough space for two cats. Generally, they are divided into two compartments so that they cannot see each other.

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