We must be responsible both with the care of our animal and with the information we use to keep it in good health, so it is important to clarify that feeding is not a miracle solution to any problem, but the truth is that it directly influences the state of our dog's body, so we must always take it into account and adapt it according to the needs of the animal.

Arthritis in dogs is a disease that causes inflammation in the dog's joints, therefore, providing through food those nutrients that help keep the structures that make up the joint healthy will improve the management of the disease.

Improve arthritis with a natural diet

When arthritis becomes evident in the health of our dog, the damage suffered in the joints causes pain and reduced functionality. To counteract these consequences, nutritional supplements that reinforce and regenerate cartilage, such as chondroitin or glucosamine, are usually recommended.

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The components included in these products can be obtained in sufficient quantities by following a natural diet for dogs where meaty raw bones are also incorporated. The ends of the bones contain high proportions of cartilage, the structure that is responsible for keeping the joint cushioned against the small impacts generated by daily movement.

Collagen is essential to keep cartilage healthy and its internal synthesis is enhanced with protein foods, such as meat or fish, so it is important not to abuse cereals in the dog's diet and to respect a majority proportion of proteins.

Adding oil to your dog's food is also a good recommendation, since oils such as Krill, coconut and flaxseed oils help manage arthritis pain, as they contain essential fatty acids such as Omega 3, with powerful anti-inflammatory effects.

Nutritional supplements for dogs with arthritis

What must be taken into account is that a nutritional supplement does not replace a good diet and that it is difficult for a dog to be perfectly nourished if it only consumes feed, therefore, if we use it, it is advisable to supplement it with natural foods on a regular basis, when margin of their feeding.

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Protect your dog from being overweight

Being overweight in dogs is a burden that falls directly on our dog's joints, so it is essential to avoid this situation. The caloric intake must be in line with the weight of your pet, although there are certain proportions that must be maintained to improve canine arthritis and the general health of the dog.

It is also essential that your dog performs moderate physical exercise, always respecting his possibilities of movement, since if a total sedentary lifestyle is reached, the weight increases, the arthritis worsens and the vitality of the dog decreases drastically.

The most obvious sign of the disease is when you see the furry limping. However, there are other signs that the canine is not feeling well.

-When they go out for a walk, the furry guy stays behind, he no longer follows your path.

-The dog does not go up the stairs as you did before.

-Your friend begins to present difficulties when sitting or getting up.

-The naps are long, more than usual.

-You may see the furry as tired, down, or in no mood to run, jump or walk.

-The game is no longer so interesting to him.

-Cry or complain when you touch its hairy paws.

When seeing obesity as a cause of arthritis in dogs, weight loss through a rigorous diet will be the best option to provide the dog with the levels of nutrients and calories he needs. In this regard, it is important to mention that providing smaller portions than what is provided in its normal diet is not enough, because there are some that are formulated by veterinarians to control pain and inflammation of the joints in games and sessions. other physical activities.

To conclude, although food is not the complete solution, it can help your pet to obtain a better quality of life and enjoy it.

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