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Hi. My name is Song. My boy Gino went to heaven last evening, May 30th. 

I want to raise fund for his necropsy and cremation. Everything happened so suddenly, and I hope I can find a caused reason for my boy’s death. Also, I hope this could also be helpful in the future for fosters at rescuing prospects. 


Gino was rescued from Puerto Rico when he was around one month old with his mom. He is a domestic shorthair tabby boy. He was born with spine malformation, which made his hind legs spread apart with walking difficulty. Also, it puts pressure on his thorax. Since the Vet Emergency doctor said he might die from a heart attack. I’m worried about is this issue caused his death. 


When I saw Gino at the shelter cage when he was around eight months old, he reached his arm to me, so I asked if I could open the cage and pet him. Then I hugged him; he stayed in my arms for a bit. At those moments, I felt I have to give him a home. 


Gino did so well when he came back home. He stayed so well on the way home. And he started exploring the new home immediately after we were back home. He was only 6.4 lbs at that point. I remembered that day was December 19th, 2021. 


Gino sleeps with me every night. He slept next to my pillow and woke me up every morning for petting with purr. My happiest moment every day used to be petting him and letting him walk around me. Sometimes he even stayed on my chest and purr when I pet him. I was the happiest person in the world with my boy staying in my life. 


He is smartst, friendliest, cutest, best, most lovely cat in the world. I love him more than everything. 

He talked to me and be around with me when I was sad.

He followed around me when I'm at home. 

He took nap on my cloth and wait me come back home every day.

He sleeps with me together every day.


When I finished working and came back home yesterday, I found him on the floor with a weird open arms position, and his head was kinda turned to the side. There was some light red color liquid on the floor. His upper part body is a bit frozen; I felt terrible and didn’t know how to react. I asked my roommate if he saw Gino eat anything wrong or if he was ok earlier. He freaked out and ran to parking to drive me to the closet vet ER, Vet Emergency Groups Boston. I knocked on the back door and held him. The vet groups hold him to give him oxygen, check his heart rate, and do the CPR. The doctor said he was gone for a while; I begged her to try one more time for Gino. The vet group shaved Gino’s legs and arms to find needle positions. They did the CPR and checked his heart. But his ECG was a straight line. When the vet tech was doing CPR, there were curves, but I knew if they stopped, it’s gonna be a straight line again. Then they stopped and sent Gino and me to a room for the last moment. 


I asked them whether I could do a necropsy for Gino to find out the reason for his death. They told me if I transferred him to Angell Animal Medical Center would get more information. Because VEG rarely does necropsy and can only send the biopsy to a path lab at Tufts University, his organs won’t be checked by pathologists. 


After discussion, I decided to transfer Gino to Angell. And I paid 837.32 dollars for the necropsy. I’m waiting for the cremation side to contact me for further discussions, such as the private cremation process, the ash, keeping some memorial things from Gino, etc. 


When I said goodbye to Gino one more last time, I holed him and closed his eyes. I felt so painful. When I walked outside, it started raining; I guess the sky was crying for Gino.


I really appreciate VEG Boston for all the help; they are so nice and kind. They tried really hard to save him. I blame myself for getting home so late. Maybe if I could get home earlier, I could still save saved his life. 

Also, I appreciate all my friend's help. 


I hope by necropsy I could figure out what Gino suffered. And I want to share the information with Gino's Forster. She said it would be very helpful for forsters in the future. And I will carry Gino's ash with me later all the time no matter where I go. If I get extra funds I will donate rest of money to shelter for rescueing cats. 


I just hope Gino goes to the Heaven, and could become a health, happy kitty in next life.

I want to share his photos so you can see how lovely he is. Also I want to thank you for spending time to read this story about Gino and I. You can also find me at Gofundme.



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