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Thank you for visiting my memorial page. This is to honor the memory of my beloved cats who passed over the Rainbow bridge, Dimples who passed away on 12/9/13, and Gabby who passed away on 12/15/14. Gabby was my very first cat and taught me all about cats and how they like to be treated. Dimples was my second cat, who I adopted  from the ASPCA, where I volunteered for many years, after I fell in love with Gabby.

I had never had a cat before and on the suggestion of a friend, I got one because I was lonely and wanted companionship. I never really even liked cats growing up. I was pretty much afraid of them, as well as dogs. I figured a cat would be easier to take care of than a dog. I had no idea what i was getting into but after being around some of my friends cats, I began to really like them.

At first I tried to pick Gabby up and she hated that. She would literally attack me from behind, when I did that. She was a pretty funny cat and made me laugh with her "catty" behavior. Well, she taught me exactly what she liked ,and when and where she liked to be petted and how!  She never liked to be picked up.  When I went thru surgery in my early 30s,  shortly after I first got her, I was not feeling very well, and she sat in her little cat bed and was watching over me, which gave me a great feeling of comfort. That was when I felt that she truly loved me (till then I thought she just loved me for feeding her).

I was not looking for a cat like Gabby, when I first saw her in the CAC, Center for Animal Care and Control (a scary place where they put animals to sleep if they get overcrowded).  I was looking for a ginger cat, like Morris. I only went to the CAC, because I was turned away from the Humane Society (yes turned away...but that is another story. I was suppose to get a ginger cat named Shelly, but hey it worked out for the best). My friend spotted "Gabrielle" which was her official name. I loved that name and had always thought that would be the perfect name if I had a daughter.  I decided to call her "Gabby." ("Gabby the Tabby").. Her official name was really Gabrielle Martini....( I had been to this place in Switzerland called Martigny ? spelling).

So the "guard" (yes- they have guards there-  the place looked like a prison) let her out of her cage so I could interact with her. As soon as he opened her cage, she ran out like a maniac, across the room to this other cat and started what looked like smooching to me! The big male guard could not catch her. It was the funniest thing ever.  I then said," that is my cat!"

Gabby was my only cat for about 2 years. They thought she was about 6 months to a year when I got her, but she was small at 5lbs, so I am guessing she was more like 6 months. 

She became my best buddy and used to sleep next to me every night on my right side. The other cats knew that that was her spot. Gabby was the sweetest cat and used to love to come up behind me and put her paw on me when I watched tv.  She had kidney disease, which is progressive (Vet said 6 months to 3 years when she was 13, so she lived longer than expected), and I gave her special food  for kidney disease. She also had hyperthyroidism, which is common in older cats, as well as high BP. I gave her medicine every day, which she hated. I hiding it by putting it in the pill pocket but after about a week and a half she figured it out. So I just had to put it in her mouth. She also had a heart murmur, which thankfully was benign according to the Echocardiogram.

Towards the end, she needed fluids to be given subcutaneously and she really hated that, so I gave her fluids as much as I could and made sure she got plenty of wet food so she was well hydrated. I took her to the Vet like every 3 months. She passed away at the age of 16 and half and it was devastating to me. I still miss her so much and I am crying as I write this. She started peeing blood around the house and she wasn't eating well. I brought her to the Vet on a Friday. I gave her an appetite stimulant that he ordered and fluids, but Sunday she started taking a turn for the worse. I brought her to the Animal Medical Center and they said she was in shock. They did everything they could to save her but her heart stopped. Yes I opted to do everything to save her. They had told me that she would need to be admitted to ICU and could cost like $4,000 but all I cared about was saving her. I thought she had an infection at the time, which is harder to fight when you are older.

I had her buried in Bidawee at Wantaugh,  and recently picked out a beautiful head stone for her and Dimples as well (even though she is buried somewhere else). They will always be in my heart.

Dimples was about 2 months and 2 and half lbs, when I first got her and she was the runt of the litter, and the last cat to be adopted. She had the most adorable face you can imagine. She was a grey cat with big green eyes. I instantly fell in love with her when I saw her at the ASPCA and as soon as I picked her up she purred like a machine in my arms.. They told me that she was the last to be adopted and she was crying all night because her littermates had gone. She was a very quirky cat and always made me laught with her antics. She loved to drink from the sink, (which she would lay in and then turn to me and give me the cue to turn on faucett), and loved to go into the bath tub after I showered (Charlie does this too!) She used to follow me around all the time. And she even cried at the door when I left for work. We became very attached. I got her to be a companion for Gabby. Gabby was not happy about it in the beginning though. But they soon became buddies. 

As she got older, Dimples had a nervous habit of overgrooming herself. I was concerned about it but my Vet didn't really make any suggestions other than putting her on Prozac. I looked into holistic stuff for anxiety for cats. Although she got along with Gabby and Benny, I saw that the two would sometimes gang up on her and I intervened. She was like a middle child. Dimples was always by my side. When an ex broke up with me and I started crying, Dimples came to me and started vocalizing, almost crying as well.

Before she passed, I had an eery feeling she was going to go. She vocalized a lot and in a higher pitch than normal. But she did not seem to be in pain. I was also going to take her to the vet, but was focusing on Gabby who was sick and I know how much Dimples hated going to the Vet. But it had been two years and the Vet said she was OK, except for slightly elevated kidney function.

I called out for her at night and there was no answer. I heard a faint voice in middle of night. I was afraid to go and look. When I did get up, I saw her on the floor. It had looked like she was sleeping. Her eyes were open. I was hysterical. I called my BF at the time crying hysterically. It was awful and I was traumatized for a long time and used to constantly check on my other cats to make sure they were breathing (I still do). He came out and took her and buried her for me where he lived at the time. She is buried in a very nice spot overlooking the water.

Now it is almost 2 years later, I still feel heartbroken and miss them so much. They say time heals all wounds, but not so sure if the wounds really heal or you just learn to live with the pain of the loss.

I hope they are together in heaven. I loved them as my own children. I would have done anything to save them. I took good care of them and loved them with all my heart.

After I lost Gabby,  I fell into a deep depression ( I was already depressed after Dimples and then came an inevitable break up not just a relationship but a friendship, as we were friends before we dated). The grief was unbearable. I just put one foot in front of the other and managed to get thru each day somehow. But every day I cried and I still do, but slowly learning how to deal with the pain.

My other cat Benny didn't seem too affected by it, thank g-d because they were best buddies and always hung out together and I often caught them "making out."He actually became even more affectionate with me and would sit by my side and it was comforting. After about a month I thought about getting a companion for Benny and figured I would get an older cat.

I looked in Petco and saw some cats there. I wanted to adopt all of them. I came back another day and they had a truck outside of Petco. They had mostly kittens and I wasn't planning on getting a kitten as I thought that would be too much for Benny who is 13. I saw a few I liked. Well there was another couple with kids that were going to adopt Charlie who was 2 months when I saw him (the kids wanted Charlie but mother wanted the other cat) but after going back and forth, the mother decided she would not take Charlie, even though the kids wanted him. Charlie was very cute and playful, but it was clearn that he was a bit on the wild side. The other cat was very sweet, quiet, and cuddled and purred a lot, while Charlie wanted to play.

 I felt bad for Charlie and I thought he was really cute, so decided to adopt him. When I found out his name was Charlie, I thought it was perfect. He looked like a Charlie! I believe that Gabby and Dimples sent Charlie to me. He really has helped me deal with the loss. He is very sweet and playful and also very affectionate.

I want to raise money for the ASPCA to honor the memory of Gabby and Dimples. These two sweet cats taught me about love more than any human every did. They taught me how to live in the moment and appreciate life. I rescued them, but they really rescued me. Because of them, I have become a big animal lover and advocate, and I learned that animals are amazing and G-d's creatures and need our love and support.

I also learned the importance of play. Cats love to play. Even when my cats were older, they loved to play and i loved to play with them. They gave me so many beautiful memories, so much love. I want to raise money for homeless animals so that more cats get adopted (and dogs). Every dog and cat should have a home and this is my dream. 

 Please if you can, donate to this wonderful organization and every little bit helps. They do so much good work but they need the money to do it. Or think about adopting or fostering a dog or cat.

I never had any idea what joy these wonderful cats would bring to my life. I only cry now because I miss them so much. But unfortunately, they don't live as long as humans do. They have a shorter lifespan. 

I am greatful I had many good years with both of them and I know one day we will see each other again.. If you can open your heart to give them a home, trust me that they will give you much more in return. 

Furrever in my heart Gabby and Dimples aka "The Jets" (my Vet used to call them Benny and the Jets).

Your donation will help the ASPCA provide life-saving programs and services to millions of animals nationwide. Please join me in celebrating their life and pay tribute by making a donation to give abused and homeless animals a second chance at life. Thank you.

Gail, Benny, and Charlie

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