The French Bulldog is part of a breed of dog that is known for its robust body, bat ears and flattened snout. The character of the French Bulldog is very enthusiastic and affectionate, although often due to its alert nature it can seem more a little more stubborn, since it is also considered a good guard dog .

The health of French Bulldog dogs is not seriously affected, however the bulldog breed does have some common respiratory problems that lead to fatigue and they tend to drool and snore. But, if it is followed well from birth, the life expectancy of French Bulldogs reaches 15 years.

French Bulldog temperament

French bulldogs are docile and cheerful dogs that have become suitable dogs for living with children. They are very affectionate and trustworthy, however sometimes due to their alert nature and to consider themselves as a watchdog they face any obstacle.

French Bulldog care

French Bulldogs must be cared for on a daily basis. His snout and the wrinkles on his face tend to produce bad odors because they accumulate traces of matter and sweat, sometimes even infections.

Exercise and feeding of French Bulldogs

The appearance of the French Bulldog is robust, compact and solid, so they often go on walks to remain active dogs but not of excessive duration, otherwise they will tire, especially in the summer months.

The French Bulldog's diet must be balanced and with the necessary amounts. If the food intakes are greater and greater, you will end up getting used to it and ordering more, therefore there is a greater chance that you will be overweight.

French Bulldog health problems

Often the Bulldog breed of dogs suffers from respiratory problems due to their flat muzzle and they also have a small windpipe.

The delivery of French Bulldog female dogs is complicated because the puppies have large heads, which forces the birth to be by cesarean section and not natural.

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