Everything You Need To Know About Pet Simulation

You are the owner of a small pet boarding house and you have to look after and have fun with given animals until their owners pick them up again. The pension, which was rather sparsely furnished at the beginning, made up of board crates and huts can be expanded and embellished as the game progresses through increasing income. This is how you lead the small business to success.

After I installed the game on my iPhone, it started right away. Right at the beginning I noticed the pleasantly calm music with the chirping of birds with which the game was played. First you go through a short tutorial that explains the basics of the game. Unfortunately, not all functions are covered in the tutorial, such as playing or petting the animals. You have to find out for yourself in the course of the game. After the tutorial is over, everyday life in the pet boarding house begins.


At the beginning of each day you get messages about whether new animals have been admitted to the pension. The best thing to do then is to start Dog Care Simulator for the animals. To do this, first tap on one of the occupied enclosures that you can see on your premises. If you are in the enclosure, you should clean it; give the animal’s fresh water and new food. All actions are shown at the bottom of the screen. When the basic needs of the animals are covered, you can still do something with them. That means the animals can be petted or you can play with them. You can recognize the satisfaction of the animals in the enclosure at the top in the middle by the smiley face. You don't need to be afraid of angry owners either, because the animals cannot injure themselves or die.


The Puppy games are simple and clear. At the top right of the screen is a wheel of fortune that you can turn every five minutes to win things like food, coins or treats. At the top left you get back to the main menu and at the top in the middle there is a list of missions to be completed or already completed. To the right of it, the game day and your own coin level are displayed. At the bottom left there is another button to end the game day. Incidentally, this only works if all animals have been properly cared for.

If you are in an animal enclosure, there are several circles with different actions at the bottom of the game. If you press the action with your finger and pull it to the food bowl, for example, the bowl fills up. The principle is the same for all actions. To stroke your animals, click on the hand and drag it onto one of the animals. Then you just have to move your finger over the animal over and over to simulate the petting.

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