Evan's Birthday Campaign

Instead of presents, Evan has decided to ask for donations to the ASPCA for his 8th birthday. I recently came downstairs to see Evan very emotional while watching a Sarah Mclaughlin ASPCA commercial. He asked what we could do to help animals like the ones shown, and I didn't have much of an answer for him. Now that his birthday is coming up, he would really like to be able to make a difference, even if it's just a small one.

About the ASPCA: Fighting for animals is a 24/7 job, but your commitment makes it possible for our life-saving programs to create happy endings for those innocent lives touched by cruelty. Every single day of the year, we are rescuing animals from neglect and suffering. With your support, we are able to rescue animals from dog fighting, cockfighting, and puppy mills, work to end animal homelessness and farm animal cruelty, and provide medical care for countless pets in need. Please help us save even more animals and donate to this Team ASPCA campaign today.

Personal campaign progress

$ 410.00 raised to date
Personal Fundraising Goal
$ 250.00
Suggested Donation

Recent Donors

Name Amount
Birthday cash donation $50.00
Megan A Weeks $20.00
Otto Kovarik $20.00
The Vorhauer's $20.00
Jack Servias $10.00


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Campaign Donors:

  • Megan A Weeks

    $ 20.0008 / 12 / 2017

    Happy Birthday Evan! From, Griffin

  • Otto Kovarik

    $ 20.0008 / 12 / 2017

    Happy birthday Evan!

  • The Vorhauer's

    $ 20.0008 / 12 / 2017

    Happy 8th birthday Evan. Thanks for having such an amazing heart. We love you.

  • Jack Servias

    $ 10.0008 / 12 / 2017

    Happy Birthday Evan!!!

  • Ian and Parker Rogers

    $ 20.0008 / 10 / 2017

    Happy Birthday Evan what a wonderful thing you are doing.

  • French Family

    $ 20.0008 / 3 / 2017

    What an amazing heart you have. Happy birthday!

  • Joyce Mcdonald

    $ 20.0007 / 29 / 2017

    Happy Birthday Evan!!!

  • An Affluent Animal

    $ 25.0007 / 27 / 2017

    You seem like a good human. Happy birthday buddy, keep being you!

  • Bev Flieger

    $ 50.0007 / 27 / 2017

    This is so awesome!!! I'm really proud that Evan wants to help animals that can't help themselves! Way to go Evan!!!

  • The Juell Family

    $ 25.0007 / 27 / 2017

    Happy birthday, Evan! We are proud of how much of a difference you're making for animals who need us. We hope Henry and Joey look up to you as they keep growing up!

  • Amy Nordman

    $ 10.0007 / 27 / 2017

    Happy Birthday Evan!! I see you love animals as much as I do! I hope this small donation brings you & the animals we both love, happiness.

  • Sandi Flieger

    $ 25.0007 / 27 / 2017

    Happy Birthday Evan!

  • Lois

    $ 25.0007 / 27 / 2017

    Happy birthday,Evan! What a thoughtful thing to do. I'm so proud of you!