Cleaning Cat Hair Tips

We love cats, but why do they have to shed so much? Whether you’ve got a long-haired Main Coon or an American shorthair, each cat will leave their fair share of cat hair throughout the house, especially for those of use who have a lot of carpeted areas. Without proper maintenance, cat hair can build up and find its way into areas we may not appreciate, like our morning coffee or our pasta dinner. Despite being a nuisance, there are ways you can control your cat’s hair with these cleaning tips. 

Daily Maintenance

Our friends over at HappyFriendy believe that “regular cleaning is a must to get rid of cat hair.” And, they may be onto something. For carpeted floors, it might be necessary to vacuum everyday. HappyFriendy also suggests that you have the proper vacuum cleaner. There are specially made vacuums that have cat and dog hair attachments, which can get out hair that may be stuck in the carpets. For carpets, it’s also a good idea to “go over areas twice and alternate directions to loosen stubborn hairs.” 

If you’re like many of us cat owners, then likely you will have rooms or areas where there are smooth floors such as wooden or linoleum floors. These areas aren’t always easy to get with a vacuum, so it might be a good idea to use a dry or damp mop to snag the cat hair from those smooth surfaces. 

When you have a daily maintenance schedule, it reduces the amount of hair built up on the floors, and it will also help keep hairs from going other places as well. 

Furniture Care

There are many ways to maintain your furniture even though you have cats. HappyFriendy suggests using wet rubber gloves and running your hands over the hairy surfaces of upholstered furniture. Using rubber gloves will pull the hair from the surfaces, but the hair also won’t stick to your hands, meaning you can just throw the rubber gloves (and hair) away when you’re done.

For wooden furniture, you may consider using a cloth and specially formulated wood furniture spray after you get most of the hair off with a dry towel first. 

Groom your Kitty

Another thing to help keep your house clean is to make sure that you are grooming your cat on a regular basis. If you are brushing your cat, you are pulling off the excess hair in a controlled manner where you can throw it out instead of having to find it around the house. Not only will your cat love the attention, but it’s actually good for your cat’s overall health.

Cats are pretty good at grooming themselves, but you also don’t want them to get excessive amounts of furballs either. Especially if your cat has a longer coat, make sure that you are brushing them a few times a week though daily brushing is best. You may also choose to give your cat a bath with a shed reducing shampoo that’s specially formulated for cats. 

Don’t Forget your Clothes

Using a lint roller to help keep the cat hair from your clothes will help keep cat hair from spreading throughout the house. After you finish cuddling your cat or giving them a good brushing, make sure you use a lint roller or a specialized lint brush to remove and dispose of the cat hair, so you don’t track it around. 

Final Thoughts

Cats can often be the loves of our lives, but that doesn’t mean we have to like their hair. To ensure a clean household, make sure you follow a daily cleaning schedule, groom your kitty, and use a lint roller. Without the cat hair, you can truly enjoy all your cat friendship has to offer. 


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