Childhood memories with my dog

Everyone's childhood is associated with a lovely pet, it can be a turtle, a bird or a cat ... For me, my childhood is associated with the brave Phi Phi dog.

Phi Phi is a hybrid dog that I ... picked up in the park! The story was this: about a year ago, in the afternoon I went to exercise in the park. While jogging, I suddenly heard a faint groan in the grove of trees. Curious, I turned the leaves and looked to see a weak little dog lying in a paper box. I love you so much, I brought you back to feed. I did not expect that, when bringing Phi Phi back to my parents, I not only did not blame me but also urged me to go get her milk to drink! Now Phi Phi is very big. The coat is smooth, black, with high and strong four legs. The ears are always up to listen to all the surrounding sounds. The nose always seems to be sniffling like it's sniffing everything. Phi Phi is very docile and courageous. When it gets dark, he always goes out onto the porch to lie down.

With Phi Phi outside, my whole family is very secure to sleep. Then, one day, when something happened, my family deeply felt Phi Phi's courage and loyalty. It was a cold, windy winter night. As usual, Phi Phi is still lying on the porch guard. My whole family was sleeping when suddenly I heard Phi Phi barking violently, his voice rattling chains. Dad hurriedly jumped up, then gently picked up the stick to spleen out. At the end of the garden corner, a suspicious shadow was moving. Feeling agitated, he hastily climbed the wall to escape. Dad just chanted the neighbors while running after the thief. Phi Phi also jumped up and down, the chain was torn to the limit. Dad chased the thief, suddenly, he turned around and kicked him hard. Missed momentum, dad fell. He took advantage of that time on the father, his right hand pulled out the knife and swung it up.

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At that moment, Phi Phi came from anywhere, grabbed the handle of his knife and then, no matter how much he pushed, kicked, he was determined not to release his hand. The struggle stopped when the neighbor's aunts rushed over to tie the thief. My mother kept rubbing my dad into the house while reminding my sister to get Phi Phi's milk and take him inside. After that day, Phi Phi was famous for the whole neighborhood with the story of "saving the master". The captive then revealed many thefts that he was involved in. My family and Phi Phi were also commended!

Phi Phi still lives with my family until now. He is always pampered and loved by the whole family, especially me. Phi Phi is a dog, but there are many things we can learn about, right!

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