Caring for a Rottweiler puppy: What you need to know

The Rottweiler is an extremely strong and agile large breed dog. So much so that in the past they were used to drive cattle over long distances, as guard dogs and even served as police dogs. They are also very resistant, being that they rarely become ill in adulthood, but they are extremely delicate when they are puppies and can develop inherited diseases (such as hip dysplasia) or diseases of large breed dogs.


Another of his cares is hygiene. This breed has a short and hard coat, therefore it will be enough to brush it twice throughout the week using a brush with small strings that are soft to get rid of dead hair. Likewise, it should not be bathed excessively because otherwise we would eliminate the protective layer of fat from the skin. That is why until the puppy has its first vaccinations it will not be possible to bathe him, so it is very important to know when to bathe a puppy for the first time.


A Rottweiler puppy requires strict adherence to the vaccination schedule. Vaccines can usually be started when the dog is six weeks old. Distemper and parvovirus or six-fold vaccine would be administered. Besides these two it also includes hepatitis, leptospirosis and parainfluenza.

Throughout the first year, the puppy should receive the rest of the vaccines and their boosters, which will be given about two or three weeks later. It is important that the vaccination schedule is respected for their care and, in addition, the veterinarian will be the one to say and explain all the vaccines that the dog would have at all times.


Once the puppy has its first vaccinations, it should be taken several times a day so that it learns to perform its first basic needs on the street and exercise. The older the dog gets, the more energy it gains. Rottweilers are active dogs that need walks and runs, otherwise they would become boring animals that would develop stress and behavior problems.

The puppy should be taken to a park to socialize with other dogs. Very important, when they are still small, you have to dose the time of exercise so as not to cause problems in their joints. It is recommended to go out to play twice a day so that it is moderate instead of making a single exit and that it is very intense.


From the moment the puppy is welcomed at home, rules should be imposed that the whole family must comply with to prevent the dog from having confusion. The Rottweiler is a somewhat stubborn breed of dog and therefore you have to be authoritative from the first moment, especially during its early years.

This will have to be done without using violence and always using positive reinforcement. If violence is used, you can generate traumas in the dog that lead to a negative development of its behavior in its adult stage, becoming a violent and aggressive animal. In case of inconvenience, you can go to an ethologist to help you and give you guidelines regarding the education of your partner.


Rottweilers are highly intelligent dogs and training sessions and basic obedience can be started early on. They learn quickly and if you spend time each day you will get your animal to be educated and stable. You can also play intelligence games for dogs at home so that you stimulate the dog and thus prevent it from getting bored.

It is essential that from its puppy stage it is socialized with other dogs so that it becomes a sociable animal and that it is not fearful. This should also be done with people, so that the Rottweiler gets used to the company of others and does not cause problems. Let's not forget that being considered a dangerous breed dog you should put a muzzle on it when going out, accustoming it to carry it since childhood so that later it does not feel uncomfortable.

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