Best Mega Guide to the French Bulldog

The French bulldog is a lively dog ​​whose function is to be a companion pet of families that have decided to adopt it as another member in addition to being charming, it is short in size and different colors ranging from black, white or golden or light blonde.

Their hair is generally short, soft to the touch as well as smooth and close to the skin, so it is important to brush it twice a week to keep it in good health and smooth enough with the coat with enough shine that it looks healthy and beautiful.

If you have decided to have a French bulldog pet, you must be aware and know a little about its history, characteristics in addition to its care and food, which will help you to have the possibility of always keeping it healthy, strong, and happy and with a fluency that makes them shine. Always.

Here we present a little of each thing about the French Bulldog breed of dogs so that you get an idea of ​​the care it needs, especially if you have children in the house and you want to provide the company of a furry friend for its antics and games.

French Bulldog appearance

The French Bulldog is a small dog, but robust and strong with the legs where the muscles protrude to full skin, although it does not look like a dog for sports competitions, but as a member of a family as a companion pet.

They are often confused with other breeds, but it has well-defined characteristics, so it is important to take into account its inconspicuous appearance or that it serves to compete with others of the same size, but that do perform acrobatic activities.

The French bulldog is unmistakable thanks to the shape of its ears that makes it unique because it is born with them without the need to modify them by surgery, which has become an illegal practice in many parts of the world because it is mutilation and this dog brings it from by itself from birth.

French Bulldog temperament

The French Bulldog tends to seek the attention and affection of its owners at all times because it is believed to be a charismatic and important dog that must be pampered all the time from those who own it.

He is the owner of his masters and not the other way around, despite being calm, so he always tries to capture the interest of those around him so that they offer him the best care, love, tenderness and caresses which is what matters most to him. Of their owners.

It does not usually bark insistently, so it is not annoying for this part and it is a quality that may make you want to have a pet of these compared to those that are very scandalous or annoying for those who live around you or other pets.

French bulldog relationships

The French bulldog is a dog that can live in an apartment or house, due to its small size that it fits perfectly in any type of home, thanks to the fact that it does not need to be in places that have a very large garden.

He likes to go out for a walk every day, so you will have to take him out every day, but he does not usually run a lot, what he likes is to enjoy the outdoors and to be able to walk next to his owners without disturbing those who are close, the faithful companion for those who enjoy tranquility.

A good dog for older people who do not do many exercises, but who do need a faithful companion who likes pampering, caresses and attention at all times, although they also tend to love the little ones for a certain time.

Despite all this, he snores while he sleeps and needs care such as cleaning his muzzle for his wrinkles so that they do not fill up with drool and bad smell, however, he lets himself be loved most of the day, waiting for you to offer him the best of your love.

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