Amazing Loyal Dog Breeds Which Are Not Easy to Keep but Worth the Effort

"There is nothing righter in this world than a loyal dog. "

Dogs are man's best friend because of their ability to provide us with love, loyalty, and companionship. Every dog has a unique personality, and a large part of their temperament depends on their breed.

Some dog breeds are easy to keep, while others prove to be a challenge for the owner. The reason might be the traits your dog possesses. Every dog holds a different personality, but loyalty is a must-have trait for almost all of them. (Fine, with some effort. All of them! -- )

Why are dogs so loyal? Because they take their job as a friend very seriously and take their companionship to the next level. In this article, we'll feature some amazing loyal dog breeds that might be more work than others but are totally worth the effort.


Beagles are intelligent, curious, and smart dogs that demand plenty of exercises, walking, and playtime from their owner. Belonging to the hound group, they possess excellent hunting intuition. Beagles can pick on any scent easily because of their incredible sense of smell.

They have deep howls and uproar voices. They can have select deafness making it harder to communicate. However, good communication can be managed with proper and consistent training at a young age.

Beagles are also prone to ear infections due to the size and shape of their ears. Routine ear cleaning should be done every 2-3 weeks to decrease the frequency of infections.

With their pleading expressions, cute adorable faces, and charming floppy ears, Beagles make an ideal pet for families. Plus, they are incredibly loyal to their owners.

Red Nose Pitbull

The red nose pitbull is also categorized as an American Pit Bull Terrier with a different color. This pitbull breed has a bad reputation for its aggressive nature and was initially bred as a fighting dog.

Known as a "premium pick" of the pit bull breed, this gorgeous dog is intelligent and highly protective of its owner, making it a wonderfully loyal dog breed. They can bravely take a bullet in their chest for their owners.

Red nose pitbull does not do well if left alone and love to be around their family. This wonderful dog breed can make a perfect addition to your family if trained and raised right.

Chow Chow

Chow Chow is a breed of wonderful delights. This glorious, noble, and robust dog resembles a lion and is one of the most ancient known dog breeds.

Chow Chows are adorable dogs and are bred to be protective of their owners. However, without proper raising, they can be aggressive and fiercely guarding. They are anti-social and can behave strangely when you have visitors.

Well-trained Chow Chows are typically composed, subdued, and refined - a perfect addition to your family.


The Pug is a small but playful toy dog that lives to love and expects the same love in return. They hold guarding behavior and are inclined to protect everything around, including toys, food, or even furniture.

With the right care and training, a pug's guarding nature can be controlled. Their twinkling eyes and big round heads give them a wide range of expressions such as curiosity, shock, and pleasure. You'll have an instant companion with a pug in your life.


Known for their lion-like traits, Pekingese are small, flat-faced toy dogs that are incredibly devoted, loyal, and independent. They are seemingly innocent lap dogs but are extraordinarily strong-willed and stubborn. Their dominating and confident personality makes them good guard dogs. Their owners must declare dominance with proper training, or it won't be easy to handle this dog of royal ancestry.


Akitas are muscular, courageous, and powerful dogs. They are the largest known dog breed of all Japanese breeds. Due to their large size and extreme strength, they are not always easy to handle and require lots of exercise due to their high energy.

"Tender in heart and strong in strength" perfectly describes the Akita. Initially, they were bred to live and work alone, so they are hardy and, at times, can be aggressive towards other dogs. If socialized and appropriately raised, Akitas make an excellent and utterly loyal companion.


Chihuahuas are the smallest breed of dogs with heredity linking to the pre-Columbian ancient kingdoms. They are tiny toy dogs but with lots of sassy characters.

Chihuahuas were included in the top ten watchdogs due to their protective nature. These are utterly loyal and devoted dogs. However, they can act aloof with strangers, be stubborn, and are prone to separation anxiety. With proper training, they can overcome their over-protective qualities and anxieties to become ideal pets.

German Shepherd

Ranked 2nd out of 196 breeds in popularity by the American kennel club, German Shepherds were initially bred as working dogs for herding sheep. While famous as a family dog, German Shepherds are also used as police K-9 units due to their ability to attack ferociously.

Here are 5 myths explaining facts that are associated with German Shepherds being a dangerous dog:

  • German Shepherds Attack their Owners
  • German Shepherds Are Overwhelming for Kids
  • German Shepherds Are Intimidating to Other Dogs
  • German Shepherd Dogs Become Aggressive
  • German Shepherds Are Biters

As long as the German Shepherds are appropriately raised and trained from a young age, specifically at around eight weeks, they can become ideal protectors and companions of the family.

Afghan Hound

Belonging to Hound Group, this fantastic dog breed was originally bred as a hunting dog. The Afghan hound is a confident, strong-willed, loving, and can be a bit standoffish dog. They can be challenging to train and socialize as they can be quite stubborn. Afghan hounds respond best to gentle training and are sensitive to harsh guidance.

The Afghan hound is a high maintenance dog as they have a luxurious, thick, and silky coat. They require daily exercise due to their high energy levels. Afghan Hounds make a great addition to the family if you're willing to put in a bit of work and training.

Doberman Pinscher

Included among the best protection and loyal dogs worldwide, Doberman Pinschers were bred originally for protection and defense. They are an alert, fearless, and loyal dog breed that make perfect family dogs with the right owner.

Dobermans are not suitable for first-time owners as they are fast, agile, and require a lot of training and socialization from their owners.

Final Thoughts

Trust is an important part of loyalty and necessary for a good relationship, including the one you have with your dog.

Dogs have emotional and physical needs as well, and they trust their owners to fulfill those needs. You can build up trust by bonding with them, such as taking them on a walk, playing with them, practicing tricks, and providing them with a healthy diet.

Loved these amazing and loyal dogs? Adopt one for yourself now. Let us know which dog breed is your favorite! --

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