A basic guide to pet care for beginners

You are the owner of cute dogs or cats and you treat them like family members. However, how to save money, your pets are still healthy and well cared for.

1. Pet vaccination

If your pets often go out to play, they can be exposed to a lot of viruses and diseases outside. If you do not get your pet vaccinated at an early age, they may suffer from diseases of the intestinal, respiratory, and nervous system that are difficult to treat such as Carrot disease, Parvo virus disease ... The cost of treating pets is very expensive but it is unlikely that your dog or cat will survive. You can get your pets vaccinated at veterinary clinics or in vaccinations run by your local area. Vaccination is best done from a young age, because at this age it is easy to perceive the pathogen. Currently on the market there are many manufacturers providing vaccines for dogs and cats, but there are two main types of vaccines against 7 diseases (Carré, disease caused by Parvovirus, Lepto disease ...) and vaccines against rabies. The age of the first shot and the timing of the re-vaccination will be advised by your veterinarian.

2. Sterilize your pet

By maturity, your pet has a need for reproduction. If you don't sterilize them, you'll get into trouble with puppies or kittens that are born one after another. You can't take care of them all if you don't have enough time. Although this method makes you sad because your dog is in pain, it will help you to avoid nuisance and also make your pet healthier. You can go to the veterinary hospital, where the veterinarian will advise you all the necessary information. Dogs can eat fruit just like humans. You need to see more here: Can dogs eat asian pears

3. Keep your pet indoors, in a cage or in a confined yard.

This is how you can be sure that your pet does not freely run out into the street to get injured by a car crash or cause an accident on road users. In fact, it is easy to say, but it is difficult to pay attention to our pets all the time. If your pets run out and cause a traffic accident, it is not known in advance how much the expense will be. Think of this as a must-fulfill goal to protect your budget.

4. Make sure your pet a good exercise regimen and diet

Like humans, obese pets can lead to a number of diseases such as diabetes, heart disease. You can buy some of the cat's favorite balls or toys at cat toy stores. When your cat plays, it's time to practice. For dogs, walking them with you is also a good way for both you and your dog to practice. A workout regimen with the right nutrition will help your pet stay in good shape and in good health. Your pet's good health is also a way to save money.

5. Be a comparable shopper

Nowadays, in addition to stores that sell cat food and toys, you can also consult online to compare the prices offered by suppliers. If you buy online, in addition to the product's price, delivery cost should also be carefully considered before making a buying decision.

Notes when choosing pet supplies

Toys, clothes, and accessories for pets are now no stranger to everyone, even becoming a trend of today's youth. However, buying pet toys, accessories is good and selling point of selling good quality, durable, beautiful pet toys and accessories is a question of many people. Below we would like to give some experiences in choosing a pet gear as follows:

  1. Accessories to support beauty: Beauty tools such as brushing, nail clippers, ... Helping the pet's feathers, nails ... to be tidy, clean and aesthetically pleasing. At that time, your pet will stand out and be more beautiful in the eyes of everyone.
  2. Bath and shampoo: A dog bath is like a human bath that has many benefits. Bathing with shampoo and specialized shower gel will help your pet to be clean, fragrant, and free from lice attacks and prevent skin and hair diseases. This way, preventing a long distance from bathing your pet will save you a lot of effort in treating them later.
  3. Feeding aids: Your pet needs to have separate eating and drinking equipment. This has two advantages: one is to teach your pet to be a good pet to eat in the right place, the other is to teach your pet to avoid eating a bandit's dog baits. Remember to avoid allowing pets to share utensils with people. Because of hygiene and spread of disease.
  4. Collar and neck harness: Make your dog fashionable and safe when walking. Puppies will not run away from home and prevent burglary theft.
  5. Cowhide products: the item can be chewed and swallowed by your dog, making his teeth clean, beautiful and firm, and at the same time making your dog not feel upset when alone.
  6. Clothes: Helps your pet stay warm and fashionable on cold windy days, notably in winter. On holidays or Tet, your pet also needs to wear new, colorful clothes to celebrate the festival or the new year with you and your family.

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