But how much do you really know about these rare cats? Are they friendly or hostile? Do you like people?

1. The savannah cat comes from a proud lineage

The unique traits of the Savannah breed cat were achieved by crossing a wild African serval with a domestic Siamese cat. This cross is responsible for the exotic wild cat appearance of this breed and its domestic temperament.

The first calf born from this cross was given the name Savannah, which would become the name of the breed. Actually, the origin of the savannah cat is quite recent: it was officially recognized by the International Cat Association in 2001 .

2. The savannah cat has a striking appearance

The physical appearance of the savannah cat , an animal bred to have a majestic and dignified appearance, is similar to that of the wild cheetah. Its body and limbs are elongated and have beautiful dark specks all over its golden fur. Their huge, upright ears make them instantly recognizable.

Since 2006, the Savannah cat has held the Guinness Record for the tallest domestic cat in the world .

3. The savannah cat has a unique temperament

The character of the Savannah cat is said to be very similar to that of dogs. 

They are also extremely loyal and have a strong attachment to their owners. This protective loyalty can manifest itself in the form of distrust of strangers, so it is recommended that the Savannah cat socialize with people and other animals from a young age.

4. They are cats with great energy

The Savannah cat is extremely energetic and athletic. Unlike most felines, who prefer to sleep their entire day, Savannahs require a lot of exercise and interactions. They want to play with you! You should take this into account, as it is not ideal for a person who is looking for a lazy lap cat. But if you want to have a playful companion and you are a true feline lover, a savannah cat might be perfect for you.

5. They like water!

It's hard to imagine a cat eager to take a dip, but Savannahs are not afraid of the water and actually enjoy swimming. Some Savannahs will even want to join their owners in the shower.

6. The savannah cat is an athletic jumper.

Don't be surprised if you see a Savannah cat jump on a refrigerator or tall cabinet. Savannahs can jump up to eight feet, so it's important not to leave them outside unsupervised if they can escape.

These cats are very adventurous and love to explore and climb. They also need more vertical space than common house cats.

7. They are very intelligent and inquisitive animals

you can teach your Savannah cat to retrieve toys. Also, they love games and puzzles with food.

Savannahs can even figure out how to open doors and closets. Exploring is in their nature, so they will do things that you may not have expected.

8. They like to be walked on a leash

Have you ever wanted to have a cat with which you can go for a walk on the street? Cats don't normally like to walk on a leash, but savannah cats are special and can be trained to walk on a leash . 

However, keep this in mind: Although the Savannah cat's temperament may be dog-like, it is still a feline. His neck can't take the kind of pressure you'd use to walk a dog on a leash. Instead of the usual dog collars, you can use a special jacket or harness designed for the characteristics of the savannah cat .

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