Are you going on vacation, a business trip or a family weekend and are you unable to bring your beloved pet? Then it is nice if you have a place where you can bring your pet. An animal boarding house can be an ideal solution here.

But how do you choose a good pet boarding house? And, how do you know if your pet will really enjoy it there? In this article dog boarding melbourne shared five tips that you should pay attention to when choosing a pet boarding house.

 1: Book the pet boarding house on time!

Do you want to bring your dog to a dog boarding house? Of course you want your dog to have a good time there too. Usually the dog boarding house is full months in advance, especially when this dog boarding house has many good reviews. Our golden tip is therefore: be there on time! Are you going to book a holiday? Book your dog's holiday immediately afterwards, that way you increase the chance that your favorite guest house still has a place.

Make a list of requirements that the animal boarding house must meet

Of course you only want the best for your dog or cat. We recommend that you make a list with your specific requirements before you start looking for a dog or cat boarding house. There can be a lot of difference between one or the other guest house. You can ask yourself the following:

  • Is it possible to provide your own food?
  • Are the animals in a kennel, or is the atmosphere a bit more homely?
  • How much time is spent on my dog ​​/ cat every day?
  • Are the animals alone or together?
  • Is there an outside area, or are the animals mainly indoors?
  • How often will my dog ​​be taken for a walk? And how long are the walks?
  • What does the pet boarding cost per night?

These questions may help you select the most suitable pet board.

Make sure you choose a recognized pet boarding house

You only want the best for your pet; of course we understand that completely. Unfortunately, it sometimes happens that a pet boarding house leaves something to be desired. We therefore recommend choosing a recognized patterjack boarding house.

Try sleeping in the animal shelter

Do you not feel free to go on holiday before you are 100% sure that your dog or cat will have a good time at the shelter you have chosen? Then consult the pet boarding house to let your dog or cat sleep overnight. When you go to pick up your dog or cat the next day and he / she looks relaxed, you can assume that the pet boarding house is suitable for your dog / cat. Of course you can also ask the boarding house how your pet behaved during the test night.

Which vaccinations did my dog ​​/ cat have?

With most dog or cat boarding houses it is mandatory that your pet has had certain vaccinations, such as the kennel cough vaccination. Has your dog not had this and do you not want to give it? Then it is best to continue looking for a somewhat smaller animal boarding house, in most cases this vaccination is not necessary. Also read our blog about vaccinations.

A holiday for you can also be a very nice holiday for your dear pet. It's just a matter of choosing the right pet board. Hopefully our tips have helped you and you can now bring your dog or cat to a perfectly suitable guest house!

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